A Christmas Gallery Wall

This is the time of year that I go into panic mode. We will be leaving in a few days to travel to three different states, and my to do list is out of control. However, I’ve done most of my in-store shopping, the rest can be done online, and I have one more little corner of the house decorated!

Full View

I’m excited to show you my Christmas Gallery Wall. Just about everything you see here is a DIY project, right down to the deer head. Actually, correction, my husband has informed me that I am no longer allowed to call them DIY projects, I now have to call them DIYWYHH (Do It Yourself With Your Hubby’s Help). I’m a little ashamed to admit that I am terrible at hanging things; in fact, I don’t really know how, so he hangs all of my crazy projects. Back to the Gallery Wall, I’ll spare you ALL of the details (unless you really want to know), but here’s a little run-down.

First, the chalkboard. This used to be a brown mirror given to me by my sister, and I always loved the shape, but just couldn’t ever make it work, so I turned it into a chalkboard (a few coats of chalkboard paint and white for the border).


Chalkboard Side View

The wreath is made from a simple wreath form from Hobby Lobby, floral wire, holly from my front yard, and hung with ribbon from Target’s dollar section. This was my first wreath ever, so I’m kind of proud of it. However, this is what happens when I use floral wire. DIYWYHHing is messy business. Or maybe it’s just me. The state of cleanliness at my house right now would definitely prove the latter.


I would love to hear from some of you veteran wreath makers out there; any tips or tricks you’ve learned would certainly make my life easier.

These pictures were done on hunter green scrapbook paper and that awesome gold glass paint marker I mentioned here. The frames are from IKEA; I stock up on their frames anytime I can get there because they are so cheap and versatile.

Merry and BrightUnto Us A Son Is Given

Here’s another IKEA frame with corkboard, a moss triangle, and silver thumb tacks.

Christmas Tree

This deer head was probably one of my crazier projects, but I love it. While I probably could have easily found a real deer head from the taxidermist down the street (yeah, we live out in the boonies) or from an Eastern Shore Marylan redneck relative, I prefer the non-hunted variety, but haven’t found one any cheaper than $50. That wasn’t happening. My version was $6 (Crayola Air Dry Clay, sticks and spray paint), but I’m going to be really honest and tell you that, if you want one of these, you’re better off saving to buy one. My version isn’t for the faint of heart. I was just desperate because I knew exactly what I wanted, and desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

Deer Head Closeup

Lastly, the branch with ornaments. I stole the perfect branch from my parents’ house (sorry Mom and Dad!). To be fair, they’re not in the habit of reusing their fallen branches, so I don’t think they’ll mind. I slapped a coat of metallic gold paint on it, and once again, my husband hung it with two nails and floral wire. The clear ornaments came from Hobby Lobby (half off); I filled them with gold glitter, hung them with fishing wire, and added greenery left over from this project.

Close Up Side View Again

I was hoping for something festive without being too over the top. Let me know what you think, and I would love to know if you’re able to use any of these ideas.

I’ll leave you with a few more pictures and a photobomb by our Elf on the Shelf (courtesy of my sweet sister)…did you know elves liked cat food? Weird!



Gallery Wall Side View

Gallery Wall Front View

Deer Head

Elfie Photobomb

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