Furry Friend Matchbox Valentines (With Free Printable Labels)

This one is for the kiddos. I’ll keep it short and sweet. I wanted to make them a special, original Valentine for themselves and a few to hand out to their classmates. My kids are CRAZY about these little critters. I first started making them when I was teaching Sunday school, and my kids flipped over them, going as far as making little costumes for them out of construction paper. They couldn’t be more simple, and I think it’s the googly eyes that makes them so fun. You can add googly eyes to any old lackluster thing, and it instantly becomes infinitely more fun and interesting.


See? Washing the dishes will never be boring again!

 So, I figured I would take these little critters a bit farther by giving them little matchbox beds, and turning them into valentines.


Here’s what I used for the project:


-Pom-poms (Dollar Tree)

-Heart Stickers (Dollar Tree)

-Googly Eyes (Dollar Tree)

-Empty Matchboxes (Dollar Tree)

-Glue Gun

-Glue Sticks (WalMart)

-Sticker Book (WalMart)

Wild About You Printables and Furry Friend Printables (Click on the links to download and print on any colored paper)

-Scraps of Felt or Fabric

I assembled a few of these critters with hot glue (heart sticker first, then pom-pom, then add the eyes). I then used the glue stick to attach the label (center the words on the top, then wrap around box).

Step By Step

 Once assembled, I included a little scrap of fabric for the kids to use as a little blanket, and a small square of stickers that they can use to decorate their little house or bed or whatever they decide to call it.

Blue MonsterGreen MonsterRed Monster

Make one of these for your kids or make a few for your whole class. If they’re anything like my kids, you’ll be quite popular for making them these little matchbox furry friends!


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