A Rugged & Manly Baby Shower

My brother, Barry, and my sweet, beautiful sister-in-law, Khendee, are having a boy in March (although I suspect he might make his appearance a little earlier). I’m so excited! So, as chronic procrastinators, my sisters and Mom and I decided two weeks ago to have a family baby shower for them. That gave us one week to plan it, and again in true procrastinators form, we didn’t really start the process until two days before the actual shower.

Crazy Parents

 We were racking our brains to come up with a good theme for the shower, looking at everything from cute little fox themes to jungles and monkeys. The problem is, if you know my brother, a former Marine and current cop, he’s a pretty tough guy with a double dose of testosterone. Not just any cutesy little theme would work for him. So we decided to throw a “rugged and manly” woodsy/lumberjack shower with camp-style food. Figured that was manly enough for his little boy.

Khendees Baby Shower

Also, and my big, bad, tough brother is going to kill me for this, but his nickname growing up was Teddy Bear (a play on Barry, of course), so incorporating bears into this woodsy theme worked perfectly. Our colors were tans, browns and reds, using burlap and buffalo plaid fabrics and throwing in a few beards and mustaches for an added shot of manliness.

Grab a Stache



Yet another problem, once we chose our theme and color scheme, we had our hearts set on it. Burlap, of course, was easy to find, and we found the bears at Dollar Tree, but we couldn’t find buffalo plaid anywhere. We looked through scrapbook paper, craft supplies, fabric, anything we could think of and couldn’t find anything in buffalo plaid. We were about to give up and have to print off our own on red paper when my genius sister found a 3X men’s flannel buffalo plaid shirt at Wal-Mart. So all of our little buffalo plaid accents came from different scraps cut from that shirt. A little crazy, but it worked. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. 

Tablescape Closeup



Main Display

My sister made the woodsy background art with just a black foam core board from Dollar Tree and white paper. We made the banner with burlap triangles, cardstock, buffalo plaid scraps from the shirt, hot glued them together with a rope, and drew log-style letters on the cardstock.

Even though it was just our family, we still had almost 30 people (that’s the benefit of having eight kids), so we wanted to keep the food simple, mostly finger foods.


Mustache Cups


Canteen Cider


Smanly Smores

Trail Mix w PocketsTasty Trail Mix SignTrail Mix ContentsTrail Mix in Action


Mama Bear and Papa Bear

If you look closely at the “Tasty Trail Mix,” you’ll see that we used the pockets from the buffalo plaid shirt (another of my sisters’ genius ideas) to hold the little mustache bags (might just be my favorite detail). We definitely got our money’s worth from that shirt!

I think the crowd favorite was the mustaches (all from the Dollar Tree). We told them to grab a ‘stache, and they did!

Film Strip 2                     Film Strip 1

Each of us bought just a few things, but most of the décor came from the Dollar Tree and things from around our houses, so it ended up being quite a budget-friendly shower. Not too bad for just a few days of planning! And now I just can’t wait to meet this Little Bear!

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