“Couture” Wall Art Project

I’m sort of on a roll here because a) we’ve been shut in for a week and I’ve had nothing else to do, and b) I’m trying to finish up my girls’ room to show you the final reveal next week. If it seems to you like I’m having more fun than an adult should have doing all of these little girly projects, you’re probably right. This one was really fun, and I know I keep saying that, but this project was probably the most fun so far, especially for my 5 year old. It’s an easy, cheap art project that can double as wall art. I’ll be using ours to go in a little dress-up area I’m still working on for my little ones.

So, to make these couture creations, I raided the scrap section at Hobby Lobby to get really cheap but pretty scraps of lace and fabrics, then bought a few cards of buttons on clearance.


The great thing about this project, though, is that you can use whatever you have on hand. If you’re a crafter, you surely have little scraps of ribbon and spare buttons laying around. If not, you can get scraps like I did for 50 cents or so.

I used picture frames from IKEA. I think I’ve mentioned my stockpile of cheap IKEA frames; they come in handy!

I drew some quick little sketches with a sharpie, and then my little fashionista and I sat down and planned out what fabrics she wanted to go where. (It felt a little like an episode of Project Runway for Toddlers. I may have even caught myself telling her to “make it work” in my best Tim Gunn voice, especially when we were just a few flower buttons short on the last one.)

Sketches 2

As she put in her orders, I cut the scraps down to size, put the hot glue on, and we placed the scraps and buttons together (very carefully!). Of course this goes without saying, but unless you’re using regular glue, which would also work, your little ones will need supervision. Also, I had to take the glass out of two of the frames because the buttons wouldn’t fit. Here are the final versions:

.Dress 4

Dress 3Dress 2Dress 1

I was quite impressed with my 5 year old’s choices, but this fierce little fashionista has been her own personal stylist since she was old enough to open her own drawers, so I shouldn’t have been surprised. Never a dull outfit for this one.

White Background

 I can’t wait to get these works of art in place so we can all admire her handiwork every time she uses her dress-up corner (several dozen times a day).

Polka Dot Side View Closer

I have included a printable version of the sketches to make it easier for any of you who may wish to make your own avant-garde creations with your little ones (or big ones!). Here is the complete list of supplies:

– 4×6 Picture Frames

-Fabric scraps, lace scraps, buttons, sequins, etc.

-Hot Glue Gun


-Printable sketches (click on link to download)

-Dresses 1

-Dresses 2

Side View

Happy Crafting!

7 thoughts on ““Couture” Wall Art Project

  1. Wow! This beautiful and so creative. Pinning and tweeting because I just love it! Btw, it took me quite a while to find how to comment but I really wanted to tell you how talented and awesome this is.


    • Thank you so much, Rachel! I know what you mean…sometimes it seems like they have you jumping through hoops just to leave feedback and it gets frustrating. It means a lot that you persisted and left such kind words! 🙂


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