My Little Girls’ Room Reveal

It’s finally done! I’m so excited to share my little girls’ finished bedroom with you. I’m not gonna lie, it was a lot of work. I’ve cleaned up so much spilled paint (carpets, counters, hands, hair, clothes…phones even), burned myself one too many times with a hot glue gun (not sure I’m qualified to use something so dangerous), used an ungodly amount of fake flowers, and let the rest of my house go to pot, but by golly, this room is finished. I have to give a shout out to my husband; he’s been incredibly patient with me while I’ve finished this room. So here it is. I’ll try to take you on a tour around the room.


Full View 3

The idea actually started when I found this Target headboard at a bargain box store for $10! Awesome find. I knew I wanted a chalkboard accent wall and lots of mixed prints. I’ve actually made a matching printable in a few colors for any of you who may want to try using it. Download the black and white version here, the chalkboard version here, or an aqua version here.

Side Table 2

I upcycled a lamp I was given when my boys were little with a coat of pink paint, then painted stripes on a white lampshade with black fabric paint.

Wide View 2

Of course, every little girls’ room needs a chandelier, right? This one is from IKEA.

Aerial View

You may remember the floral letter wall art I made several weeks ago. Learn more about that project here.

Finished Work

The vanity we found on Craigslist up in Pennsylvania, and I just had to add a coat of white paint to the bench, which was in rough shape.

Chandelier Vanity

Learn how to make these adorable cupcake liner poppies here.

Liner Flowers

This little dress up area was the biggest struggle for me. It went through 2 or 3 different makeovers before I was finally happy with it.

Dress Up Corner 2

I shared the “couture” wall art in my last post here.

Polka Dot Side View

So I hung those…crookedly, apparently…with a chalkboard sign I made and embellished with fake flowers. The hook rack is also from IKEA, and I’ve used it to hang up a few of their dress-up costumes. They have many more dresses in their repertoire, a ridiculous amount in fact, but when I hang them all, that hook rack disappears. And yes, that is an astronaut costume hanging with the princess dresses; while I relish and encourage the girliness, I want my girls to know there is more to life than princesses.


Dress Up Gallery Wall

For the door, I ended up using gold polka dots, more fake flowers, and a $3 pink mirror from Walmart. I made the polka dots with mailing stickers and gold spray paint. Yes, I could have bought nice, premade, reuseable gold polka dots, but that would have made way too much sense and saved me entirely too much time. That’s just not how I do things.

Door Detail

I shared my DIY hand-stamped gold floral wall with you here.



I added a few details to the book case, and switched out the moss for felt. I knew at the time it would make a mess, but it was just so pretty and I was stubborn. See the original post here.

Revised Book Case

Doll House and Flower Pic

The last DIY project that I did to finish up the room was this flower picture, a project from one of my all-time favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess. My girls loved going out in the snow in their Elsa dresses to take this picture.

Flower Art


And that’s about it! I know that’s a whole lot of information, so if you’ve made it this far, you’re a trooper! I hope you’ve enjoyed following along in this fun, budget-friendly, over-the-top girly bedroom makeover as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it together. I would love it if you would take just a minute to let me know what you think! I’ll leave you with just one more picture, just in case you were wondering what it looks like with the light on.

Wide View Light On


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