The Writing On The Mirror: A $5 Mirror Makeover

Well, it’s been a while, but I just wanted to share a quick project with you all really quickly. I’ve been fixing up my entry way, and I thought I’d share one of my favorite projects from it. I found a cheapy mirror on clearance from WalMart for something like $15. I liked that it was basic and practical with hooks for keys, but other than that, it definitely lacked any kind of charm or personality.

I love old pub mirrors, the ones with writing on them, like this one.

Pub mirror

So, I thought I’d play around with this idea, and also personalize the  mirror.

If you’ve read any of my posts, you’ve likely seen me mention this little pen that I’ve used for at least a dozen projects.


Well, I’m using it again, but this is actually the first project for which I originally bought the pen (I got mine at Hobby Lobby). I also bought a $2 set of stencils from Walmart, and with these 2 items, just $5 total, I gave the mirror a fun, personalized makeover.

Stencil 2

I added our last name and the year we were married. Unfortunately, I found out that mirrors are quite difficult to photograph properly (for a novice photographer like me anyways), but it says SWARTZ & CO, est. 2005.



Straight On

I added a few plants, some artwork I made (including a silhouette portrait of our dog and a sketch I did of our littlest), a few other meaningful knick-knacks, and a $7 entry rug from Walmart.

Full Entry

I hated that glass diamond window in the front door when we first moved into this trailer, but it’s another one of those things that has gradually grown on me.

I will be sharing the rest of this front room makeover over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

View from the Bottom

I’m also sharing this project on Pretty Preppy Party.

Less-Than-Perfect Life of Bliss

14 thoughts on “The Writing On The Mirror: A $5 Mirror Makeover

  1. Popping over from Merry Monday =) I love that mirror! I have an issue with buying old mirrors and frames… thanks for giving me a good project for at least one of them! Be sure to share your recipes, crafts, upcycles & DIYs at Two Uses Tuesday (Mon 8pm EST to Fri 11pm EST) over at Sarah Celebrates if you don’t already!


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  3. I love this. How did you get the letters centered and the numbers straight? And the black outline? Is that with the same type of pen, except in black? I am thinking about doing this on a really nice mirror I have and I don’t want to mess it up!


    • Thanks Leah! I just eyeballed it, but if you could see it in person, my letters are definitely not completely or centered or straight, so I would recommend measuring them out. The black outline is with the same pen in black; I meant to mention that in the post. The good thing about those pens is that you can rub them off with a paper towel (you have to scrub a little) if you make a mistake. I can’t wait to see your project…you’ll have to send me a picture!


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