My Entertainment Center Makeover

I must be a masochist. That’s the only way I can explain this next project, and why it has taken me at least six months to finish this project. I just get an idea in my head, and can’t stop until I figure out how to make it work out, regardless of the time and energy involved. And it seems like the longer a project takes, the less sure I am of it when
I’m done. So let me describe the project, and then I’m going to need your opinions.

This entertainment center has been a lifesaver for us. It was a great deal from IKEA (I think we spent $300 on it). It was still an investment with our tight budget, but so worth it. With less than 1000 square feet shared between 6 people, we have to get creative with our storage space, and this piece has so much storage in such a small space with the shelves, drawers, and baskets.


So, it started out like this as a really pretty entertainment center; of course, I couldn’t leave it alone, and I decided to spruce it up. I really felt like that big blank space behind the TV just needed something, and I had the idea to do an accent wall. There’s this southwestern, geometric pattern that I love, and I thought, hey, I’ll just make my own stencil, and pencil on the design. Should be quick and easy, right? Haha. Was I ever wrong. It was extremely tedious work. I put a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears into that accent wall. It took me six months to complete it, mostly because after I started it and realized just how long it took to draw on each individual shape, I couldn’t work up the energy to finish.

I made my pattern in Photoshop, printed and cut it out, then taped it to a piece of cardboard (from a diaper box…just to give you another idea of how long it took…my littlest is now potty trained). With an Exacto knife, I cut out the pattern to make my stencil. I then drew out a grid on the wall to make sure my pattern was straight (you can just barely see the grid in the picture below), and penciled in my pattern. I intended to use paint to fill in the pattern, but with all of the straight lines, I ended up using giant Sharpie markers.

Step By Step

Accent Wall

Now that it’s done, I love it, but I’m still not sure it was quite worth ALL the work involved. And yes, we have a few unsightly cords hanging down that really don’t add to the design; someone please convince my husband that we need to have the TV mounted professionally, please!

I have included the stencil for anyone who may get the urge to subject themselves to the kind of torture I’ve described. No, seriously, it might be great for a smaller scale project, so you can download it here.

Now that my accent wall was finished, I went to work on the shelves. To the right, I arranged all of my bookshelves by color, which just makes me happy. I had some cheapie little frames from IKEA that I put black construction paper in and have used a dozen different ways (parties, showers, etc.), but they have now found their final resting place as just a cute, different way to label my shelves. They are attached with command strips.



It makes me so happy that my shelves are filled with books and plants and things that are very special to me like this tea set from my Nana…

Tea Set

…my Papa’s autobiography and a fuel gauge from the P-47, his favorite airplane from his training days as a fighter pilot during WWII…


…a beautiful piece of artwork from a very dear friend…


…and signs that were going away presents from some very special friends when we moved from Delaware last year.

Bloom Sign

Friends Sign

And finally, here it is all put together.


Full View


There’s a lot going on visually, I know, and I guess that’s why I’m doubting myself. I love all the elements separately, I just hope it’s not overwhelming all together. I would love to know your thoughts (you won’t hurt my feelings), so leave me a note and let me know what you think! Until next time, have a great weekend!

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14 thoughts on “My Entertainment Center Makeover

  1. Beautiful! The space looks so refreshing and inviting! And I LOVE that you used personal and meaningful items in your décor. I agree with you in that I like each of the elements separately. Perhaps there is some unifying element that you can add to tie it all together? Scatter the plants among the shelves maybe? Paint the back of each shelf black? (Just what you want to hear, right?) Or less items on the top? (They drew my attention away from the beautiful stenciling, which I am stealing by the way!) That’s my opinion, anyway…for what it’s worth! I know, too, that sometimes, pictures don’t capture the actual space well. It really looks lovely, even if you don’t change a thing.Thank you for sharing!


    • See, I knew we thought alike! All great ideas, especially painting the back of the shelves black…I never would have thought of that. I’ll have to play around with them and see what I can come up with. Thanks so much for your input! 🙂


  2. You might be doubting whether your stenciling was worth the time but I will tell you that it definitely was! Love how it turned out! And I’m totally love the groups booked by color with the signs – makes such a huge difference from the look before. Thanks so much for sharing on Best of the Nest!


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  5. Looks great!!! I’ve always loved the “bookshelves around TV for storage” and not many people do that anymore, so this is a great idea! You have lots of functional storage wiith pretty plants on top. And I didn’t even notice the cords until you mentioned them! 😀


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