DIY Brick Backsplash/Accent Wall

Aaaannndd…we’re back in the kitchen today. I think this might end up being my favorite room so far, and what I’m about to share is probably my favorite project we’ve done in terms of impact.

Before we moved to Tennessee from Delaware about a year and a half ago, my husband came down before us and completely gutted the trailer we currently live in. Because of some horrible renters we had who left behind inhuman messes (think everything from roaches to raccoons), it just needed to be gutted. Part of the process was tearing out all of the drywall and cabinets and putting in new cabinets. To save money, we got the unfinished cabinets from Lowe’s and painted the cabinets ourselves after we moved in…no small task. I didn’t think we’d ever finish that project. The butcher block counter tops, which I’m in love with, we bought at IKEA and hauled down to Tennesee. We finished the cabinets and added hardware probably a year ago or so, and since then, the drywall has left us with a bare, dull gray background just begging for attention. So recently, we (mostly my husband) have been working on this backsplash, which has turned into more of an accent wall.

What we used was faux brick paneling from Lowe’s; it was only $25 a sheet, and we used two panels. $50 for a backsplash is a steal, but since ours ended up covering a whole wall, it was even more economical. We used Liquid Nails to attach it, and ended up getting a few pieces of trim as well. Since it is a trailer, we are doing the bare minimum as cheaply as possible, and DIYing all of our projects…but we still don’t want to throw a lot of money into anything…hence the cheap faux wall. But even though it was cheap and obviously fake, I think it ended up looking quite nice.

I whitewashed the faux brick panels with one part white paint and one part water, then let it sit for a minute or two. Then I wiped it off with a dry cloth, like so.



I repeated this process twice, just to give the whitewashing variety and depth. Below you can see the before and after, although the difference was much more pronounced in real life.


Once the paint dried, my husband measured everything out, drew a template on the back of the panel, and cut it out to size with a jigsaw.


He then applied the Liquid Nails, and attached it to the wall. There were spots like the one below where the paneling had to be pieced together, so we put grout in the cracks so I could go back and whitewash it to camouflage the seams once it dried.


Once we got all the brick in place and painted, etc., my husband went back and added quarter round where the edges met the cabinets, and trimmed out the ugly windows.


He had previously built me a shelf to go over the kitchen sink using just quarter round as a support and a premade shelf, so he put that back up for me. And then, one of my favorite parts, we bought these $15 plug in lights from IKEA almost 2 years ago. He rewired the lights, drilled holes in the shelf, threaded the lights through the holes, added a junction box to the back of the shelf, and wired the lights into the junction box. I now have beautiful over the sink lighting thanks to my very handy hubby! Here’s the setup from above:


Since there were cords and boxes…not too pretty…I needed lots of accessories to hide all of them. The glass jars, labels, and wire baskets are all from Hobby Lobby, and of course, y’all know by now that I had to include plants in there somewhere.



I added a few finishing touches, including this print from Gracelaced Shoppe that I adore. As I’ve said before, I’m just going to keep moving it from beside the sink full of dishes to near the washer with its endless cycle of clothes until I can say that I actually do what it says! It’s a fantastic daily reminder.


So here’s the the final product:



Oh yeah, I just realized that we need to add kick plates to the bottom of the cabinets.

Another of my favorite items in this spot is the rag rug, which was my Nana’s. I think of her every time I see it, and someone else in the family has claimed it as their favorite spot, too.


Fake or not, all that brick just makes my heart happy. We really wanted a light kitchen because it’s such a small, dark trailer, and the white cabinets and whitewashed brick really helped us achieve that, I think.



I’m thinking I might want to add some curtains to that long window on the right; still working on that. Feel free to let me know your thoughts about that; I’m always looking for opinions.

With those over the sink lights, I think it looks really pretty after hours, too.



One wall down, one wall and an island to go. Stay tuned!



I’m also sharing this backsplash project over at Pretty Preppy Party and Remodelaholic.

Less-Than-Perfect Life of Bliss

I was featured on Remodelaholic

7 thoughts on “DIY Brick Backsplash/Accent Wall

  1. Ok wow! I love the backsplash. I’ve never considered using those faux brick sheets but will definitely check it out for an accent wall I’m looking at doing – thanks for sharing at the Pretty Preppy Party! xx, b


  2. Wow! What a bright and welcoming space for the “heart of your home.” 🙂 That backsplash turned out fantastic! I would never have thought to give it age and dimension like that. The white cabinets definitely lend to an open and spacious feel, and I especially love the pops of yellow!


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