An Accent “Wall” For the Commitment Shy

Have you ever seen an idea on Pinterest that you absolutely loved, and really wanted to incorporate into your own home, but talked yourself out of because you weren’t sure you wouldn’t get tired of it too quickly? Ever seen a cute chalkboard wall or colorful accent wall that you didn’t think you would be able to pull off? Well, I have a pretty simple solution: a $13 piece of drywall. I have chosen to paint mine as a chalkboard accent wall, but seriously, with such a cheap and simple and commitment-free idea, you could do anything with it…your own chalkboard wall, a bold-colored accent wall, a patterned accent wall…the possibilities are endless. And for someone like me who gets tired of things way too quickly, this idea was perfect.

I actually had the idea when we had a leftover piece of drywall leaning up against our kitchen wall for…well, I don’t really care to admit how long, but it may have been over a year. Maybe.


I knew I wanted some kind of accent wall in the kitchen, but I wasn’t sure what. As you can see in the rest of my trailer, I have a thing for all things chalkboard. And I know the world has probably reached its quota for the reasonable amount of chalkboard walls (they’re everywhere!). But I still love them and their versatility. Even more than the fact that you can write on them, I love a bold, black accent wall. So I figured if I get tired of it, I can very easily just paint over it and add a pattern or whatever else my fickle mind conceives.

Once I decided what to do for an accent wall, I had to decide what I wanted to back it up. Another thing I’m crazy about is script…on pillows, walls, lampshades, you name it…I love it. And if you’ve followed along, you know I’m a sentimental fool, and I love to incorporate things that remind me of my loved ones. In this case, I thought it would be special to use a recipe from both of my Grandmothers, both of whom are in heaven, as my script. Nothing makes me happier than to look around my house and see little reminders of them. I remember very well the hot summers we spent at my Grandma’s house in Oklahoma, where we got to watch TV (we grew up without one), helped ourselves to a bottomless candy dish (she must have had to refill it hourly), and enjoyed telling her all about what was going on in our lives while she was cooking in the kitchen, often making her delicious vegetable soup for us. And it’s a family tradition to make my Nana’s Cherries In the Snow every Christmas. It goes fast in our house!

So, to implement my ideas, I painted the actual wall white (which had been light gray like the rest of the space). I then measured out lines for my text with pencil, wrote my words in pencil, then went back over the pencil with my old standby, a Sharpie marker.





When I messed up, which was inevitable, I was able to just paint over it again and start over.


Unfortunately, once I finished my script, I realized that the pencil wasn’t going to come off, even with an eraser, so I had to paint a few more coats and write back over my script. Because everything is ten times harder than you think it’s going to be. Without fail.

Here’s how it looked with the script. I left-justified the left side and right-justified the right side to make sure I could see my writing on either side of the accent “wall.”


I then painted my accent “wall” with chalkboard paint, primed it, and put it into place.


Next, I added prints I fell in love with at IKEA in frames also from IKEA.



The word “Nourish” is just a reminder that my job as a mom is to nourish my children. I am to nourish their bodies with the healthy food I put into it, their souls by what I teach them and model for them about God and his love, and their spirits by the love I show them and the talents, quirks, bents and personalities that I am to cultivate. The same goes for my relationship with my husband; we have to nourish it with time and love and selflessness in order for it to thrive. Ok, so that’s a little deep for one word on a chalkboard, but trust me, I need the reminder. Often.

I am also proud to say that I hung every single thing in this project. That might not mean much to anyone else, but if you knew how not handy I am, you would be proud of me too. Here’s proof:


The next step to pull everything together was to hang plates. I inherited this plate set from England from my Nana, so it’s another sentimental touch and reminder. I’ve loved them for so long, but couldn’t figure out a place for them until now.


I got four more plates to coordinate with the ones I had from Target on clearance. After doing a little bit of research on Pinterest, the unanimous opinion seemed to be that the best way to hang plates was to use these plate hangers, which I got at Hobby Lobby, and which are very easy to use.




The last step was to walk to the field across the street and gather some of the glorious goldenrod that is growing EVERYWHERE, and put it in my pretty Target vase that I got on clearance at Bargain Hunt.


So here it is, finished. I’m in love with it, but my husband has confessed that he’s not a fan of it. Oh well, you can’t please everyone.



And now it has become glaringly apparent that we need a new light fixture, so that will be next on the list, along with a table makeover.

Thanks for stopping by and reading, and see you next time!

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15 thoughts on “An Accent “Wall” For the Commitment Shy

  1. Absolutely LOVE your wall!!! All that hard work paid off. Sorry your husband isn’t that keen. But I know your Nanas will be smiling down on you. I live in England but don’t recognise your set. It’s adorable.


  2. I think it looks great! You did a wonderful job with the script. I would have it running up or down one side. 🙂 Adding the plates & the chalkboard “wall” really added to it.

    I tried to make out the recipe for the cherry dish but couldn’t read all of it. Do you share recipes?



    • Thanks so much! Glad some people like it, even if my hubby doesn’t! 🙂 And sure! Here’s the recipe:

      Cherries in the Snow

      1 angel food cake
      2 cans cherry pie filling
      2 cups confectioner sugar
      2 8oz pkg cream cheese
      4 pkg dream whip

      Combine sugar and softened cream cheese until smooth. Add dream whip, prepared according to directions on pkg. Butter 11×13 pan. Put 1/2 of mixture in pan. Cover mixture with crumbled cake. Add remaining mixture. Cover top with cherry pie filling. Refrigerate. Very rich and goes a long way.

      Apparently it was a very popular desdert back in the 50s. We always use cool whip instead of the dream whip in the original recipe. Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!


  3. Could you please come over and spruce up my home?!? Love the sentiment you always seem to incorporate into your decor… the interweaving of lives and re-telling of stories is a beautiful thing! And I’ve never thought of the word ‘nourish’ in that way! I may need to find a place to have that word displayed in my home as well. ❤


  4. I have never heard of Myotts Boutique Rachel. I looked on EBay but drew a blank. Will keep a look out for you when I’m antique hunting. All the best China pieces used to be made in Staffordshire. Sadly hardly any factories left.


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