DIY Anthropologie-Inspired Necklace

I have this thing about jewelry. Other than my wedding ring, I wear really cheap jewelry. Like really cheap. The reason? I have four kids. That says it all. When they were babies, they, like all babies, loved to yank on my earrings and chew on my necklaces. Now that they are older, my girls love to play dress-up with Mommy’s jewelry, and they’re just so darn cute, it’s hard to tell them to stop. Although, truthfully, while I blame my kids, I’m probably even more responsible for my lack of jewelry for no other reason than that I lose it all the time. I’ve probably lost as much or more than they have lost/destroyed.

So as I look at and lust over the jewelry at some of my favorite stores, like Anthropologie, I can turn away knowing it would be foolish to invest the amount of money that they charge into a piece of jewelry I’ll probably lose in a month or so (depending on how much my girls like it; the more sparkle it has, the more likely they are to lose it).

But when I saw these earrings on Anthropologie’s website for $78, I thought, “I think I could make those!” (It’s that disorder that I have that I’ve discussed before.)


And so began my experiment. I decided to take it a step farther by making a matching statement necklace.

I picked up supplies from Hobby Lobby, but made sure to buy my metal findings while they were 50% off, which they often are. I had the painter’s tape and metallic gold spray paint already, so my supplies were a little under $10.

They are, as follows:

-Sculpey oven bake clay

-Gold fine cable chain

-Gold findings set

-Rustoleum Metallic Finish Spray Paint in Gold

-Painter’s Tape

-Xacto Knife (or similar knife…not pictured)

-Rolling Pin (not pictured)

Supply List

I used wax paper for a non-sticky surface, and rolled out my clay to 1/4″ thickness.

Rolling Clay


Then I cut out my shapes with an Xacto knife. I just kind of free-handed it because I like the imperfect, handmade look. If you’re not comfortable with freehanding, you could pencil out your shapes with a pencil right on the clay.

Cutting Shapes


Next, I inserted the pins from my findings kit right into the center of the shape, so that the little ring was sticking out at the top, so that I could later attach it to the chain and earring hooks with a jump ring. I had to guide it with my fingers to keep it in place and make sure it didn’t poke out of the sides.

Insert Wire

I cut the pins in half with wire cutters for the earring shapes since they were smaller.

Cutting Wire

Next, I placed my shapes on a cookie sheet (and from the looks of it, I think I need a new cookie sheet…this one has seen better days), and baked them. If you’re going to attempt this project, be sure to follow the baking instructions on the package explicitly. I burned my first batch pretty badly.


I let my shapes cool for 24 hours to make sure they were completely solid.

The next step was to mark off a line with painter’s tape on both sides, and spray paint them (one side at a time, allowing plenty of time to dry between sides).

Spray Painting Medallion

Once dry, I peeled off my tape, then added jump rings, a chain (I made mine 18″ because I love a really long necklace) and clasp for the necklace, and jump rings and earring hooks, all from my findings kit.

Here’s the finished product.


And here’s what it looks like on.

Modelled 2

I apologize for the quality of the modelling; if I had anyone else at the time to do it, I wouldn’t have done it myself!

So that’s that! A matching earring and statement necklace set for $10.

Let me know how you like it, and of course if you dare to attempt this yourself! There are so many possibilities with the oven bake clay and paint or even markers, I’d love to see what else y’all could come up with!


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