Bedside Lego Station: Star Wars Boys’ Room- ORC, Week 2

Hello friends! Just checking in to update you on the progress of my boys’ Star Wars Room, the room I’m finishing up over the next 4 weeks along with so many other awesome bloggers during the One Room Challenge at

So, I haven’t gotten very far in my room makeover, but I have a very good reason. As I’m writing this, I am packing for a 10 year anniversary trip to Costa Rica with my hubby, and by the time you read this, I’ll be either deep in the jungle ziplining with the monkeys, visiting volcanoes, basking on the beach…OR, more likely, holed up in our resort watching movies since it’s supposed to rain all week. Don’t ask me how we’ve survived 10 years together as very flawed human beings raising 4 more very flawed human beings with 6 moves along the way…as the saying goes, a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus! I am very thankful for my husband and this chance to get away by ourselves since we didn’t really have much of a honeymoon. My incredible mother-in-law is watching my four kids for us; y’all say a prayer for her!

Amid all of the laundry and packing and last-minute cleaning and travelling, I did manage to squeak out one little project this week, a bedside Lego station for my boys. Here’s how it came together.

You may have seen these spice racks on Pinterest used for everything from spices to books.


Here’s why you’ve seen them everywhere: they are so stinkin’ cheap! At $4 a piece, they are such an affordable storage option. Which is why I decided to give them a coat of spray paint (Rustoleum American Accents in candy apple red) and use them for Lego storage. It’s a great way for my boys to display their creations that they work so hard on and are so proud of.



Once they were dry, we assembled them according to the product instructions, measured, and hung them up on the wall right over their bedside tables (they are evenly spaced, although the picture skews them a little).


The side table was just $7 when I got them several years ago on sale at IKEA; they are now $15, which is still an awesome deal, and they still go on sale every once in a while.


My mother-in-law bought these Lego base plates for my boys for Christmas, so we attached them to the top of the side table.


I used a metal washtub (also given to me) for Lego storage underneath the table. So they have storage underneath, a workspace on the table, and a place to display their creations up above. It’s the perfect, inexpensive solution for this room with two boys, very little space, and lots of Legos.

Here it is all together:


I actually put this together after my kids left for the week, so we’ll find out what they think when we’re all back home together.

See you next week, and don’t forget to check out all the other fabulous makeovers going on over at the One Room Makeover!


I’m also sharing this little project over at the Pretty Preppy Party:

Less-Than-Perfect Life of Bliss

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