A Flower Shower

My little brother is getting married this week! Well, I say he’s my little brother, but he is almost a foot taller than me and he’s at least 10 times more mature than I am, so I feel a little strange calling him that. He is just an amazing guy, and he’s marrying the sweetest girl. They truly are perfect for each other, and I’m so excited to have her as a sister!

She had a really nice shower thrown for her already, but my parents weren’t able to come, so we wanted to throw her just a little, informal shower where her family and ours could spend a little time together.

My sisters, sis-in-law, and I coordinated the shower, and while I’m the one writing about it, they really were the ones who did most of the work and came up with most of the ideas.

My (almost) sister-in-law’s wedding theme includes lots of really pretty flowers; her invitations have a really pretty watercolor floral. So our theme was, basically, lots and lots of flowers. My sister had the idea of incorporating the meanings of the flowers in a special way.



My parents have a trellis on one side of their back deck, which we knew we wanted to use as a focal wall. We toyed with the idea of making paper flowers, but we just didn’t have enough time to make the amount of paper flowers that we wanted. Our next idea was to use garlands of silk flowers. Have you looked at silk flowers recently? We looked at Hobby Lobby, and the prices were wildly expensive! Like $30-50 for one garland. Clearly that wasn’t going to work. Luckily, my sister’s work had a ton of flowers leftover from an event that she was able to salvage, and we were able to reuse them. Now that’s my kind of recycling. We also bought three $5 bunches of flowers from the grocery store from the manager’s special section, where they sell flowers that are getting a little old, but are still really pretty.

We needed a little more greenery for what we were trying to accomplish, so rather than spend any more than we already had, we decided to scout out Mom and Dad’s yard to see what we could find. What we decided on was some of the ivy that my parents have growing all the way up the huge tree in their front yard. And what’s really special is that the ivy came from my Nana and Papa’s garden; my Mom brought home a clipping of the ivy and set it out by the tree, and over the years, it has grown and completely covered the tree; it’s so incredibly beautiful. It’s a special little way to remember them during this time.

Once we had all the flowers and greenery that we needed, we began by tying the ivy and the flowers to the trellis with floral wire.



We added my Mom’s chalkboard, and my sis added a fancy, schmancy B for their soon to be last name, along with some pretty printed artwork that she designed with different flowers and their meanings.


The best part? She has generously allowed me to offer them to you as free printables! You can download them here (just click to download).

Over on the other wall of the deck is the most beautiful decorative iron screen that my sister used for her beach wedding. We added gold letters for a little something extra. We made them with three $1 foam core boards from Dollar Tree; we penciled out the letters and cut them out with an Xacto knife, then spray painted them gold, and hung them with floral wire.


We did just finger foods since it was an afternoon shower, and we kept with the floral theme even with the food. My momma bought the prettiest Edible Arrangements tray with fall themed pineapple leaves and the best chocolate and salted caramel covered apple slices.




We had petit fours that we embellished with real flowers,…


…and added flowers to our ice cubes (an idea from Martha Stewart) to go with the pretty Italian soda that we served.




I made an Italian Cream Cake (using the Pioneer Woman’s recipe), then covered it with fondant (my first time using fondant, which is why it’s a little rough), and painted a watercolor floral wreath with gel food colors and water to go with the theme.


We used gold and watercolor-y floral colors for the plates and napkins from Hobby Lobby.


Once everything was set up and our guests arrived, we just enjoyed our time together so much. Her family is so sweet and special just like she is. It was the perfect way to relax and enjoy one last sane moment together before the craziness of the wedding this week. (Side note: Isn’t my Momma’s house so pretty? She’s an amazing decorator.)




Here’s the happy couple with my rotten little girl.


These are my handsome nephews. Remember the Rugged and Manly Baby Shower we did back in February? Well, this is the rugged and manly baby boy seven months later.


Of course the kids had fun playing in Grandma and Grandpa’s swing set the whole time, always the highlight of their week.


I’ll leave you with a few more pictures, and then I have to go squeeze in a workout…one last push to shed a few pounds before I have to fit into my dress for the wedding this weekend!







Until next time!


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