DIY Star Wars Bedding- One Room Challenge, Week 4

You’re familiar with the saying, “A day late and a dollar short,” right? Yeah, that’s me this week (and always). Except make that 2 days late and far more than a dollar short.

But the good news is, I finished half of one more thing on my list of things to do for my boys’ Star Wars Room, which I’m finishing in a total of six weeks for the One Room Challenge, hosted by Linda at Calling It Home.

My original plan was to give my boys’ dressers a makeover this week, but it was such a rainy week here in East Tennessee and I need to paint them outside, so I thought I’d have better luck working on their bedding.

My favorite part about the bedding that I made was these accent pillows.



I bought pillow forms from Wal-Mart for $6 each, and white pillow cases, 2 for $5. I decided to use a pillow case to minimize my sewing; while I can sew and I have a sewing machine, I avoid it like the plague, because I’m not very good at it. But since the pillow case was already sewn on 3 sides, I only had to sew 2 sides, one to alter the dimensions, and one to close it up.

But before sewing, I added my design. I made stencils out of cardstock; I wanted my starships to look sort of geometric. I drew my design out using all kinds of things as guides…a ruler, a medicine bottle, plates for the bigger circles…whatever I could find.


I cut out my stencil using an Xacto knife over cardboard.


Here’s one of the finished stencils.


Then I placed my stencil centered on the pillow case, and painted in with a foam brush and metallic silver fabric paint, also from WalMart.


I let it dry for a few hours before beginning sewing.


For the pillow form, like I said, I just had to measure and sew 2 sides to make it the size of my pillow forms, 18″x18″. I made my pillow cover 18″x18″, but I would actually recommend that you make yours one inch shorter than the dimensions of your pillow form (so mine really should have been 17″x17″), just so the form fills out the cover nicely.

For the 4th side of the pillow cover (the open part of the pillow case), I sewed about 1/4 of the way in on each side and left an opening in the middle so I could stuff my pillow in. I left that opening so I can pull it in and out to wash the cover; since it’s white, I’m almost certain it will get dirty.

I made a printable version of the stencils for all of you, my readers, so you can try this at home. You can download the Millennium Falcon Stencil here, and the Death Star Stencil here. Just use cardstock or thin cardboard, and cut out all of the gray shapes with your Xacto or similar knife.

I also figured out that these look really good on black paper with the metallic paint; so good, in fact, that I might remake these pillow covers with black pillow cases. Either that, or frame them and use them as artwork.


Really, there are a ton of different ways you could use these stencils…backpacks, furniture…you name it.

Next was the bedding. What I wanted was these duvet covers from IKEA, but I couldn’t afford them at $50 each, just for the covers, no sheets.


So, as usual, in one of my hare-brained schemes, I decided to DIY my own.

I used two white flat sheets, taped off stripes, and painted in the stripes with black fabric paint with a foam brush (even had a little help from my 3 year old).




I sewed 3 sides of my duvet cover, and used the same method as the pillow covers, sewed 1/4 of the way in on each side and left an opening to feed the blanket into the duvet cover. I got a gray flat sheet and dark red pillow case from Wal-Mart to coordinate my bedding. So I spent a total of a little less than $50 for all of my bedding and supplies, enough to make a duvet cover, fitted sheets, pillow cases, and accent pillows for 2 beds, which is what I would have spent on just one duvet cover. It was a bit labor intensive, but worth the savings.


I still have to make one more duvet cover, but I still have two weeks. Wait…just 2 weeks! And I still have 2 huge furniture makeovers, a pretty involved wall art idea, and curtains, not to mention the little finishing touches. Yikes! Lots to do and not much time! Y’all wish me luck! Here’s the room so far (the side I’ve worked on, anyway).





Check out what all of the other bloggers have done this week at the One Room Challenge. Enjoy your weekend! Happy trick-or-treating!


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