Star Wars Boys’ Room Reveal: One Room Challenge, Week 6

Well, it’s finally here! The day of the big reveal! As usual, I’ve been working on this room up until the very last minute, but I am very happy to say, I’m done.

If you haven’t been following along, the One Room Challenge is an event that Linda at Calling It Home hosts where over 150 bloggers have been working on finishing one room for the last six weeks, and sharing their projects along the way. To get caught what I’ve been doing the last 5 weeks, check here:

Week One: The Plan

Week Two: Bedside Lego Station

Week Three: Star Wars Mural

Week Four: DIY Star Wars Bedding

Week Five: Restoration Inspired Industrial Star Wars Dresser

If you’re new here to my blog, let me just explain that I live in an old, run-down 1970s trailer (less than 1000 square feet) with my husband, four kids and two pets. Slowly but surely, my husband and I have been working on renovating it, but on a very, very tight budget.

So, in keeping with that theme, I wanted to fix up my boys’ room and make it something special that they loved for as little money as possible. They (along with every other boy on the planet) are really big into Star Wars right now, so that’s what we decided to work with.

Here is what the room looked like originally:


And this was the general plan for my design:


I wanted a spacey, Star Wars look, but with modern, industrial accents to keep it grounded and not too over the top theme-y. I will say, it did end up being pretty theme-y, but they love and I’m happy with it.

What I worked on this week was the second duvet cover, the second dresser makeover


…hanging curtains (just regular black curtains that I spray painted with a similar technique as the mural to look galaxy-esque)…


…hanging a few more shelves, and then the biggest project was my wall art. I used wood letters from Wal-Mart, attached them to the wall with Loc-Tite fun tak, painted them the color of the wall, and then went back and highlighted one word in each phrase with silver craft paint for a little something extra. I had a little help from my son here (they both were cracking up over the “lik my father before me”).



The “I am a Jedi like my father before me” has special significance because my son’s name is Luke and his Daddy’s name is Luke. The lightsaber wall lamps are Uncle Milton lamps from Amazon that my sons got to put together themselves.

And now, I’ll just try to take you on a tour around the room.

I made the duvet covers with 2 $5 sheets painted with fabric paint because I couldn’t afford the IKEA version that I wanted at $50 a piece. The accent pillows are made from pillow cases, a stencil that I made (you can download it here for the Millennium Falcon and here for the Death Star), and fabric paint.



We made the bedside Lego station with $4 IKEA shelves and a $7 IKEA table.


I painted the mural with chalkboard paint, metallic spray paint, and chalk.




I made over my childhood dressers with metallic spray paint, craft paint, polycrylic, and thumb tacs.







And that’s it! Another room completed! Let me know what you think, and be sure to check out the final reveals of the rest of the designers for the One Room Challenge. I’m headed there now!


I’m also sharing this room makeover over at

27 thoughts on “Star Wars Boys’ Room Reveal: One Room Challenge, Week 6

  1. Rachel, this is so amazing! I totally in awe of all the special handmade projects you did you make this room come together so perfectly. If I’d tried even one of them, I’m pretty sure I would have blown the whole thing! Love your creativity in bringing the theme to life, and I’m betting your sons love it, too!


  2. Rachel – This is wonderful! and not only have you given you son an awesome Star Wars room..but watching you – he is learning all about being creative and resourceful and clever…these are the parenting “lessons” that are “caught” not “taught” and I think they are the best things you can give your child!!!! GREAT JOB!


  3. This not-so-theme-y bedroom is full of creative, interesting touches – love the lighting, display shelves, and especially the dressers and signs. Your boys must be the envy of their friends!


  4. Amazing!! This room must be a total delight for your sons. 🙂 Your creativity blows my mind ~ the thumb tacks, all the touches with paint including the bedding and the words on the wall rock!



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  6. This room has been the inspiration for my boys’ room that we are working on now! I was wondering if the spray paint you used on the dressers was the same you used on the curtains? Also, did the loc tite stuff work well long term for the letters on the wall? I read another article where a woman hot glued thumb tacks to the back of the letters and I am debating which method to use today to affix the letters.


    • Oh, awesome! That makes me so happy! I did use the same Rustoleum hammered metal spray paint for the dressers, curtains, and wall mural. And it went pretty far…I’m pretty sure I only used 2 cans for all 3 projects. The Loctite sticky tac has held up perfectly, although hot glued thumb tacks is a great idea as well. It’s been almost a year now, and none of the letters have even budged…even in a room where 2 little boys like to wrestle and play basketball, among other rowdy activities. 🙂 Good luck! I hope everything goes smoothly, and if you get a chance, I would love to see pictures when you’re done!



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