DIY Pumpkin Silhouette Pillow

I’m back again today with another fall-themed DIY project. As I mentioned in my last post, I’m not going all out for fall, but I wanted to figure out a way to add a few, neutral, fallish touches at a very reasonable price.

Well, I made an awesome discovery, one which I may be the last person  to figure out, but that I’m still really excited about. What I discovered is that Hobby Lobby has a really great, very reasonably priced line of pillow covers. Not the pillows inside, which as we all know take up a ton of space and can be very difficult to find a good storage place for…just the covers. So I was like, you mean I can add more patterns and colors of pillows to my collection without adding to the ever-growing pile in the corner of my bedroom (which are not currently in use) that has been a source of contention between my husband and I for the last, oh, entire 10 years of our marriage? Life changing. If you, like me, find yourselves a little space challenged, but love to have a variety of pillows to change out with the seasons, this is the way to go. And when I found them, they were 50% off, so they were right around $4, $5, and $6 a piece. So much better than buying a whole throw pillow for so many reasons in addition to the fact that it just might save your marriage.

Along with my new pillow covers, I picked up some adhesive craft felt sheets ($.99 each) and used the twine that I had on hand (which was $3 from Lowe’s, and which I’ve used in at least 20 other projects).


I marked out the shapes I wanted with a pencil, and cut them out.


I used my hot glue gun to outline each cut piece with twine.


Then I promptly decided that they looked better on another pillow cover that I picked up. I loved the idea of the pumpkin silhouette against a patterned pillow, but there just wasn’t enough contrast, so it didn’t show up as much as I would have liked. But that’s the nature of DIY projects; it’s always a trial and error process. I figure it out so you don’t have to should you choose to make one. You’re welcome.

Lastly, I peeled off the backs and pressed them in place onto my pillow, and added a few little twine curly-cues with small dots of hot glue to hold them in place.


The beauty of this project is that, when this season is over, I can just peel the pumpkin shapes and few dots of hot glue right off the pillow.

But for now, I’m loving the way it looks with the patterned pillow on my couch. Just a tiny touch of fall for right around $7.




And I think that’s about the extent of my fall decorating. I hope you have enjoyed, and I hope you can maybe use some of these ideas yourself. Happy Fall!





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