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Hi there! I’m Rachel. Thanks for stopping by! Curious about the title? Because of some family circumstances, my family and I recently moved back to my hometown in Knoxville, Tennessee. Until we sell the house we moved from, we currently reside in a rental property my husband owns which just so happens to be a luxurious, double-wide trailer. Which is great…I always figured the one thing missing from my life was a little bit of redneck drama, and now we have a front row seat overlooking the local trailer park! So obviously, it’s a less than ideal living situation for our family of six, but we’re trying to make the best of it, looking for and creating beauty in even the most unexpected places. I will be sharing our journey making over this 30+ year old, dilapidated trailer into (what I hope will be) a cute, liveable space…all with a very tight budget. I hope to prove that any space, with a little bit of creativity and elbow grease, and without spending a ton of money, can be transformed into a beautiful place to live and love. Along the way I’ll share some DIY projects, occasional inexpensive fashion tips and tricks, recent art projects, maybe even a random musing now and then (for which you’ll forgive me, I hope). A little bit about me… I am an artist of portraits, follower of Jesus, survivor (thus far) of four little ones, addict of coffee, admirer of fashion (I use the term loosely), singer in the shower, and lover of crafty home projects. So stay tuned, and please, keep in touch!

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