Are Chinese girls interested in Indian men



I have a project to write a short story based in each of the countries I have spent a reasonable amount of time. A story in Timor Leste, a story from Liberia, and so on. Now I haven’t spent a long stretch of time in Singapore but I have visited the island state often enough to think of taking up such a challenge.

The most obvious short story that would occur to a foreigner such as myself would be one concerning chewing gum which was banned here for many years. That and caning was the vision that many of us had about Singapore.

I’m very fond of reading multicultural fiction, and on my last visit to Singapore I had the choice to pick up either a crime thriller involving Inspector Singh’s exploits or a book of crime related short stories. I decided to opt for the latter, something called ‘The Best of Singapore Crime Fiction’ hoping it would give me a wider spectrum view of all that was happening in Singapore. I wasn’t disappointed. There were lots of fascinating stories in this collection and I was bemused to find that my chewing gum idea had been taken. There was a story about smuggling of a ‘certain item’ and its not revealed till almost the end that its actually chewing gum.

So I would have to think up another story based in Singapore.

One of these days – after I have finished the next two novels in the pipeline – I will get down to writing it. I do have a rough plot in my mind. A love quadrangle.

The idea for this story came to me while reading a Singapore Forum blog in which one educated Chinese man spoke of his distress at finding more and more Chinese Singaporean girls going out with Indian men. He wondered if the Indian men were better endowed in the nether regions? Was that the attraction? I could sense a feeling of resentment building up in him which he was trying hard to curtail. I couldn’t help feeling sorry for him; and wanted to tell him that there was an alternative explanation for this whole thing, but it would just take too long for me to explain the thing to him, so I didn’t bother posting a comment on the Forum. An Anglo Saxon on the forum wrote to him telling him to piss off, this was all racist crap he said to which the Singaporean responded by saying please lay off, I want responses from other Singaporeans.

A month before reading this blog I had met an Indian Singaporean woman who also spoke of the same phenomenon – with an equally high pitched note of distress. ‘All the Indian men are taken by the Chinese girls,’ she complained. ‘I wonder why.’

Her distress called into question the reverse side of the coin? Why did Indian men prefer Chinese women over their Indian counterparts? It wasn’t only flings; these were serious relationships oftentimes culminating in marriage.

Finally, during one of my cab rides from the airport to the hotel, the taxi driver spoke to me about the same phenomenon.

‘Women will like you,’ he said. ‘Your own women. And those from other countries. Even Chinese women.’ He didn’t sound entirely happy with this.

So the facts are inescapable and incontrovertible. Why is this happening? I have a pretty good idea but it would take too long to provide an explanation here. I would suggest to both of them to read a novel called ‘Simran’ that’s available on Amazon. There are interesting passages there which provide a reasonable explanation for this and other scenarios, in my view.

The novel ‘Simran’ available on Amazon is a novel on aesthetics. I realize that there may be Chinese men reading this who might feel offended at my observations what’s happening, but I can assure them that it has nothing whatsoever to do with anything ‘missing’ in them. It’s just how the aesthetic system works. Within my novel ‘Simran’ there are three chapters which discuss the entire issue of human aesthetics and attractions.  Unfortunately I don’t have a soft version anymore else would have pasted here.