Are people really good

It’s so interesting to me that so many people believe human beings are inherently bad. They believe the “natural man” is a lying, thieving, conniving, greedy schmuck who will only do good when inspired by external forces or when it is for his own good. Watch the news every day. There is never-ending “proof” that this just might be the case.

Others believe (and I am in this camp) that human beings are inherently good. They believe the “natural man” is good-hearted, kind, generous, honest person who may slip often but will do good as often as possible without the need for guilt, self-aggrandizement, or selfish purpose. Watch the news every day. There isn’t much proof that these people exist.

But they do, even though their acts and lives aren’t always “newsworthy.” And they really are everywhere if we’ll just look up from our own lives now and then to see the good that others are often up to.

In the middle of a really crappy, self-absorbed day last week, I asked you all over on the Single Dad Laughing Facebook page what the nicest thing was you’d ever seen a stranger do for someone else.

These were your {beautiful} replies. They really flipped my bad day right-side up again.

Please also note that hundreds and hundreds of responses came in. I snagged just a small percentage of them to share with all of you.

Because. People Really Are Good (Part I)
26 Stories Highlighting the Goodness of Strangers

  1. A stranger in France donated her bone marrow to my then 6 year old son to save his life. We have never met.
  2. A homeless man waited in line at the clothing van and received a wonderful jacket. As he left he noticed a shivering woman, far back in the line. He stopped, gave her that wonderful jacket and went to the end of the line.
  3. When my baby was sick in the ER an old man on the other side of the curtain could hear her crying and sang to her until she stopped.
  4. I was 7 and 1/2 months pregnant and found out one of our twins passed away. I left the hospital sobbing, I couldn’t drive so I sat on a bench, it was cold out but a woman I never met came and sat with me. She hugged me while I cried. She stayed until my husband got to me. She had no idea why I was upset, but comforting someone when I needed it most despite what ever she may have had to do that day was the nicest thing. Something that I will never forget.
  5. When my husband and I were both unemployed, we were really struggling, one month someone paid ALL of our bills, someone left $400 worth of groceries at our door and broke into our car and filled it up with gas. We still have no idea who it was, we were too prideful to tell anyone, not even our families knew how much we were struggling.
  6. With newborn twins I walked 2.5 miles to the pediatrician’s. I had no car or stroller. I strapped one to my back, one to my chest. Returning home, a nice woman pulled over and gave us a ride. 1 hr later, she appeared with a double stroller, 5 packs of diapers, wipes, and 6 outfits.
  7. There’s a guy in Portland (Maine) who gives lilacs to the first woman he sees every day.
  8. I gave a homeless man my last dollar to buy a 99 cent Whopper and when I got on the bus with my pass I looked out the window and saw him sharing the Whopper with another homeless man.

Dan Pearce

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