Are you a Holocaust believer

Hello Madi,

1) There are still a lot of sympathizers out there that think Hitler and the 3rd Reich had quite a few positive aspects so they like to play down this systematic massive slaughter for which there is no valid excuse. In a perverse sort of way, the Nazis invented everything from the tape recorder to the jet engine and assault rifle but it never occurred to them to come up with paper shredders. They lived up to their famous reputation of being meticulous and had every death and last gold filling and spectacles catalogued. To add insult to injury, documents were found from camp commanders whining at how slow the gas chambers and ovens were processing these victims.

In other words, they condemned themselves.

2) Mental Gymnastics - Some people like arguing for the sake of arguing. When I was a child in the late 50's we had a few of our teachers who were members of the Flat Earth Society. They never changed their minds until project Mercury, Gemini and Apollo were done deals. So it will hbe with Holocaust deniers I suppose.


Michael Kelly