Are you judgemental

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    Be spiritual about everything. Think with your heart, and your spirit and not your flesh. When we think with our flesh, we often judge and misunderstand things and people. When you let your spirit guide you, you will perceive things much more clearly.

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    Try to understand the other person and or situation.

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    Accept people and situations as they are. When you accept people for the way they are and you understand that a person's behavior is their truth that is being displayed, you will be a far less judgmental person. A person's life is their own life, so remember to accept that![1]

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    Either deal with it and accept it or don't accept it and don't deal with it. The hardest thing in the world is, to be in a position where you are unhappy, which as a result causes disdain and judgments. That's incongruence, which as a result causes psychological tension. Either deal with people and your situation and accept it, or don't deal with people, nor your situation and don't accept it.

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    "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone." Staying self focused helps to not point the finger. Every person has something they should want to work on in their own life. Focus on your life and you will be less judgmental of others and their behavior.

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    Self love and self acceptance helps with not being judgmental, because then you understand this next rule.[2]

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    Everyone has a right to be who they are! I am a strong advocate of this rule. When you have self acceptance for your self, you will understand that, people have a right to be who they are as well = no judgments.[3]

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    Turn unnecessary judging into constructive criticism; some criticism can be good. For example, we must judge if a relationship is best for us, or a certain friend. We must judge with whom and how we choose to spend our time. We have to judge what grocery store, job, school or church is best for us. That is positive judging, because it reaps results and better choices to be made. When our judgments are unnecessary, it's just critical.[4]

  • 9

    "Judge not, that ye be not judged." When you judge, you are putting that energy out in the universe, to be returned back to you. What comes around goes around. Judge and be judged.[5] People accept you when you accept them.

  • 10

    Mind your business. If you mind your own business, then maybe you won't have so much time on your hand to judge others. Is your life not exciting enough? Or are you living a lie, which tells you to judge others, so that you can feel better about yourself?[6]

  • 11

    Work on your anger issues. Judging also has a seething anger behind it. What are you angry about, that has lead to you becoming the naysayer?[7]

  • 12

    Know your parts of speech. A noun is a person, place or thing. Understand your boundaries. If you know that certain people, places, or things will bring out the judgmental side of you, don't go there.

  • 13

    Know that some people judge, because their life is in chaos. Some people are still working out the details of their own life, and so, they would rather pretend to have all the answers and act as if they are a life coach because it makes them feel as if they have it together.[8]

  • 14

    Don't judge yourself and you will not judge others![9]