Can Darth Vader run

The novel Allegiance establishes that Darth Vader's vision is, in several ways, actually worse than a normal human's. Mara Jade describes his visual interface as "having both the benefits and drawbacks of that technology." He is depicted as taking longer than a normal human to adjust to changes in ambient light; in other words, his vision blanks out if someone switches the lights on or off, just as would be the case with modern night-vision goggles.

Mara also acknowledges that this would not be the case with more modern visual interfaces; Vader's General Grievous-type interface is old, and not up to the standard of modern devices. You see a similar issue with the differences between Anakin Skywalker's artificial hand and his son Luke's. The design was meant to preserve his life, not to preserve it comfortably; in Shadows of the Empire, Vader himself mentions that even the act of breathing is extremely painful.

I do not know of any other sources on Vader's visual abilities. I would assume that, unlike a stormtrooper or Mandalorian combat helmet, Vader's helmet does not allow him a full 360 degree view of his surroundings, merely because that ability is never mentioned in any sources on Vader, whereas it is mentioned in multiple sources about Boba Fett and stormtroopers. Similarly, infrared and ultraviolet spectrum vision is never mentioned. For all intents and purposes, it seems that Vader has a fairly slapped-together system, which cannot be upgraded without killing him.

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