Can we have more than one soulmate

Surprise, You Have More Than One Soulmate!

Many of you wonder why you have more than one soulmate relationship. Not everyone has more than one soulmate relationship, but the majority of us do. For the majority of people, our lives are a progression of relationships. Some of those relationships are clearly defined as a soulmate relationship and others more mundane. There is, however, a purpose for every relationship we have in our lives, even if those relationships are not with soulmates.

You Have More Than One Soulmate

We are here on Earth to learn and grow. Our lives here, while we are in physical form, is for the ultimate perfection of our soul. We can only accomplish that through relationships because relationships are how we learn and grow. While we are in the relationship, and the relationship flowing well, we are happy, content and in love. When we are at our happiest, it does not afford us the greatest potential for spiritual growth. It is the trials and tribulations of those relationships, but more specifically soulmate relationships, that create the growth we need to expand our lives. Very often our growth comes from the devastating loss of a soulmate relationship and how we deal, manage and work through that loss. For most of us, we have no choice but to grow and learn from that experience.

And that is exactly why we have more than one soulmate. If we are to expand our character and consciousness from these soulmate relationships, it will often take more than one soulmate to create that growth. For example, you have a soulmate relationship when you are twenty-five years old and you really believe he is the one. After eight months, however, he ends the relationship. You are thrown into a downward spiral of doom and gloom and are convinced you will never love again because it is just too painful. After several months of tears and having a relationship with Ben and Jerry, you start meditating and practicing yoga to help manage the hurt, loss and betrayal. Right there your personal growth has occurred. Would you have taken up the meditation and yoga if he had not dumped you? Maybe, maybe not, actually, more than likely not because you were too focused on him and the relationship. Then one day during your yoga class you meet a guy who is very spiritual, who has a strong yoga and meditation practice and your next soulmate relationship begins. You marry this guy and live happily ever after, but you would not have met him if you did not have more than one soulmate.

We have more than one soulmate because our lives are a series of lessons we learned from our relationships. Does this mean everyone has more than one soulmate? Absolutely not! There are those who will only have one during their lifetime. These are very unique relationships as you stay together for its entirety, both learning your life lessons as part of the relationship. When we are connected to one soulmate for the entirety of our lives, that soulmate relationship is a twin flame relationship. June Carter and Johnny Cash were lucky enough to have this type of relationship. It was a battle to get to the relationship, and Johnny tried for many years until June said yes, but when she did, their love lasted the rest of their lives. You can read the twin flame love story of June Carter and Johnny Cash here.

Some of you may be dismayed that you have more than one soulmate. Please don’t allow this to worry you. When you can step out of your emotion and look at the situation it is truly is, that the synchronicity of the Universe it working in our lives, it makes sense that we have more than one soulmate. We really should consider it luck. We have multiple opportunities to get it right as well as more opportunities for spiritual growth. After all, that is the reason we are all here.


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