Can you beat Minecraft without crafting

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How to Beat Minecraft

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Do you play Minecraft? Have you spent countless hours mining, surviving, fighting and building? Are you bored and have no idea what to do next? This article will teach you how to "Beat" Minecraft.


Part 1

Gathering Supplies

  1. 1

    Stockpile supplies. This is a pretty crucial step, and there are several very specific supplies you will need to locate the stronghold, and to access the end game.
    • For this tutorial you will need to have at least basic knowledge of the ins and outs of Minecraft.
  2. 2

    Mine ores. You will need to find at least 5 diamonds, 64 iron, and several stacks of coal. You will need seven diamonds if you want a sword, pickaxe and an enchantment table, and even more if you want armor.
    • This step could take a very long time.
  3. 3

    Craft tools and armor. You will need at least 1 diamond sword, 1 diamond pick, 1 full set of iron armor, a bow, arrows, and several stacks of torches.

  4. 4

    Mine obsidian. You will need it for the Nether portal.
    • Only diamond picks can mine obsidian.
    • You can also use obsidian in the crafting of an enchantment table, which can help a lot when fighting the dragon or simply playing the game in general.
  5. 5

    Gather Enderpearls. Enderpearls can be gathered by killing endermen. Enderpearls have several uses so gather at least 20 of them. Some of their uses are:
    • Teleportation. Right-click with an ender pearl selected to throw the ender pearl, and be teleported to its landing site. This can be quite useful in areas such as ravines, large caves, and the Nether.
    • Eye of Ender ingredient. You use ender pearls to craft ender eyes.
  6. 6

    Craft Eyes of Ender. These are crucial in helping you locate and unlock the endgame. You can craft an Eye of Ender by combining blaze powder and an ender pearl in the crafting grid.
    • This is a shapeless recipe, and the ingredients can be placed anywhere in the crafting grid.
    • Blaze powder is crafted by dropping a blaze rod anywhere in the crafting grid.

Part 2

Using Nether Portals

  1. 1

    Build and light a Nether Portal. To create a Nether Portal, you'll need at least ten obsidian blocks. Make a hollow standing rectangle, 5 blocks high and 4 blocks long (corners are not necessary; you can use any block as a stand-in). Then strike the inside of the rectangle with flint and steel. The empty inner space should turn purple and start to make interesting sounds.

  2. 2

    Enter the Nether. Stand in the portal and wait 4 seconds to be transported into the Nether. Make sure you have your flint and steel for relighting the portal in case it breaks from a ghast and plenty of food to keep yourself well-fed.

  3. 3

    Find a Nether Fortress. A Nether Fortress is a structure in the Nether that contains Nether Wart and a Blaze spawner. They can be somewhat hard to find, so it could take a while.

  4. 4

    Kill Blazes and gather Nether Wart. Blazes drop Blaze rods, which are needed for making potions and getting to the endgame. You will need a lot of Blaze rods.
    • Nether Wart is a key ingredient in potions, and it only grows on Soul Sand, so collect some Soul Sand (it's brown with a face-like pattern) and try farming it in your base. Nether Wart can be found naturally occurring in nether fortresses in two small patches alongside stairs going upwards.
  5. 5

    Craft a brewing stand. This will let you brew potions, which will help during the final boss fight.

Part 3

Locating a Stronghold

  1. 1

    Throw an Eye of Ender. It will fly up and move in the direction of the nearest stronghold, a very rare underground structure. You throw an Eye of Ender by right-clicking while holding the Eye (or by tapping "Use" on Pocket Edition).

  2. 2

    Repeat the previous step until a stronghold is located. You will know you have found a stronghold when the Eye of Ender starts flying towards the ground.
    • The Eyes have a 1 in 5 chance of being destroyed after each use so bring a lot of them.
  3. 3

    Excavate the stronghold. You will probably have to dig a bit to find the stronghold.

  4. 4

    Secure the area. The stronghold will be full of mobs, so clear it out and light it up.
    • Don't dig straight down, as the End Portal frame is suspended directly over a shallow lava pool! If you aren't above the frame itself, you could fall into a deep dark cave and take fall damage, along with a potential attack from various hostile monsters.

Part 4

Entering the End

  1. 1

    Locate an End Portal. Each stronghold has exactly one End Portal. This is what you will use to get to The End.

  2. 2

    Activate the Portal. You activate the portal by filling the "frame" with Eyes of Ender. To do this, equip the eye, then use an empty block on the frame. Repeat this until all twelve blocks contain eyes.

  3. 3

    Jump into the Portal. This will take you to The End.
    • You will not be harmed by the lava under the portal when you are jumping into an activated portal, but if it is not activated you will likely burn to death and lose all your equipment!

Part 5

Fighting the Dragon

  1. 1

    Get ready to fight the boss. The End boss is called the Ender Dragon. She (yes, she was officially confirmed to be female) flies around the End skies. You must kill her to beat the game.
    • Watch out for Endermen, they spawn heavily in this dimension.
    • Saving, exiting, and reloading while in the End, if you have not yet killed the dragon, will cause a second dragon to spawn. Make sure you have enough time to finish the battle.
  2. 2

    Locate the dragon. She may take a moment to appear, so take this time to prepare, by sorting your inventory and such.
    • You may spawn underground. If this is the case, just dig your way out.
  3. 3

    Destroy the Ender Crystals. These crystals, located atop the obsidian towers in the End, heal the Ender Dragon.
    • You can destroy them with any attack, including a snowball. Using a close-range weapon is not recommended, since the crystals explode when hit. Some crystals are defended by iron bars.[1]
  4. 4

    Kill the dragon. You can damage the dragon using a sword, bow and arrows, or explosive items. The dragon is immune to lava, fire, and splash potions, but potions that buff your stats are very useful.
    • Since trying to sleep in the End or Nether results in an explosion, you can use beds to damage the ender dragon. Just place it in front of you, stand back, and then try to sleep when the dragon comes close.
    • In Computer Edition, the dragon is invulnerable to arrows while it is perched on top of the portal.[2]
  5. 5

    Collect the loot. The Enderdragon drops up to 70 levels of XP, and opens the exit portal.

  6. 6

    Jump into the exit portal.

  7. 7

    Beat the Game! Now you have "beaten Minecraft," you'll spawn in your world's normal spawn after the credits, with all of your gear and a large number of extra experience levels!
    • You can go back to the End whenever you want now, provided you can reach the portal. Several valuable things can be found there, such as the Endermen and their valuable Ender Pearls, and the Obsidian and End Stone blocks, which are some of the most blast-resistant blocks in the game that you can use.
    • The 1.9 update to the Java Edition (known as the Combat Update) added End Cities and End Ships.

Community Q&A

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  • Question

    How come when I made the portal I couldn't make it again?

    Once it is made, it is made and you can't do it again. You have completed and beat Minecraft!

  • Question

    What materials will I need for this battle?

    It's best if you bring an enchanted diamond sword, an enchanted bow, several stacks of arrows, enchanted diamond armor, plenty of food, and health potions for you and/or detrimental splash potions for the dragon. For the weapons and armor, anything that increases durability and lethality is best.

  • Question

    How do I retrieve the dragon egg from Minecraft Xbox 360 edition?

    To retrieve the egg, cover the portal with dirt. Use a piston to push the egg off the podium and it will drop and then you can collect it.


    Community Answer

  • Question

    I cannot beat it without Ender eyes! What can I do?

    To get lots of Ender eyes, just kill a lot of blazes and endermen and then combine blaze powder with the pearls to make eyes.


    Community Answer

  • Question

    Is that all there is? Like there is no real ending of the game at all?

    It's a sandbox game, so no, that is the nearest you get to an actual end.

  • Question

    What do I do if the ender dragon breaks my armor when I'm fighting it?

    Do not try to engage in close-combat. Snipe from afar so you can kill the dragon without getting smashed to a pulp.

  • Question

    Can you only create an end portal in survival in the PE?

    No. you can create the end and nether portals in creative and survival for both the PE and PC.

  • Question

    How do I make the end portal, then find it?

    Make sure that you build it all while standing on the inside of the portal or it won't work. Next, grab the end portal box which is in the miscellaneous category. Build a 4x4 box and eliminate the corners. While standing inside, place eye of ender on each box. You are now finished. If you are in survival mode, you cannot enter back into the real world until you have defeated the ender dragon completely. Your portal is being guarded by the ender dragon.

  • Question

    When I defeat the dragon, do I collect the egg that the dragon drops?

    You don't have to, but you can if you want to.

    Karianna Wood

    Community Answer

  • Question

    What is the simplest way to kill the Ender Dragon?

    Hit him with a sword, or shoot him with a bow before he gets close.

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  • Wear a pumpkin when entering the End. The End is full of Endermen unless you play on Peaceful difficulty. Wearing a pumpkin may obstruct your vision, but it will prevent Endermen from turning hostile. If the view is annoying, you can download and install a texture pack which has a different pumpkin texture.
  • Wear at least a diamond chestplate. When the dragon swoops down to you and hits you, you will not get damaged.
  • To kill the Ender Dragon, you can use a bed to finish the dragon off because the bed's blast radius is a little bigger than TNT.
  • If you're in Creative mode, you may create an End portal, follow the portal above however when placing the eye of Enders, leave one empty end portal. To place the last one go inside the portal and place the eye.
  • It is possible to enchant armor so that you can become fire resistant. This will help you in your fight with the Blazes.
  • You can use snowballs to destroy the crystals or kill Blazes.
  • If you have good timing, you can damage the dragon by destroying crystals as it flies by. This is a good way to kill the dragon without using too many arrows, as when all the crystals are gone, it will be severely weakened.
  • Make sure you walk around the End warily. If you fall off the edge of the islands, you will fall into the Void and die. All your items will be gone.
  • Try to shoot the Ender Crystals instead of climbing up the towers and hitting them. The crystals explode upon hitting, so caution is advised.
  • The best thing to fight an Enderdragon with is a bow with Power and Infinity enchantments.
  • You can use a bed in place of TNT. Place it somewhere, and then wait till the dragon comes. Once it is near you, click the bed (as if you were going to sleep). It will explode in the dragon's face, but make sure you are wearing armor!
  • The End is a merciless place. You might spawn in one with a whole load of towers. You might spawn inside the islands and have to dig the End Stone to get out. You might spawn on an obsidian platform above the Void and easily die. You might spawn so high, you cannot get down or else you will die. Worst, you might spawn at the edges of the island. The most horrendous deaths occur when you fall off.
  • Try bringing iron blocks and pumpkins with you so when you go in the End dimension you spawn in iron golems and they will attack the endermen.
  • You can also use them to prevent the dragon from attacking you.
  • If you bring a piston and lever into the end, it is possible to collect the Ender Dragon egg sitting atop the exit portal.
  • You can also do an END exploration if you wish to do so.
  • When you go to fight the enter dragon, you should bring healing potions.
  • The Blazes shoot fireballs like turrets. They don't explode.


  • You may die in the End. (The dimension, not the actual end of the game.)
  • Using beds instead of TNT cause fire so be careful.
  • If you do not have a pumpkin, don't look into the Enderman's eyes. This will initiate hostile mode.
  • Do not anger Endermen when at the edge of the End Stone Islands. They will hit you and you will fall - and fail - into the Void.