Do atheists recruit others to be atheists

There is no atheism legend. Atheism is simply a non-belief in the existence of a deity. Some other groups have legends (or at least misconceptions) about atheism. Like all legends there is no truth in them. Examples are: That atheists are evil That atheists are pro abortion/drugs/promiscuity That atheism as a group has an organization and rules and goals Atheism = Communism (or naziism, or socialism) That atheists conspire to do away with Christmas That atheists are in league with the devil That atheists really want to be converted That atheists "miss" god (often stated as "They have a god shaped hole in their hearts.) That atheists "deny" god That aatheists hate the religious people Edit to add: I don't know which 'other group' started it, if any really did, but it has been said that atheists eat (human) babies. This has been adopted by atheists, especially on atheist internet forums, as a running gag. So any Christians, Muslims, or whatever, browsing atheist forums should remember, we're only joking guys.