Do basketball players lift weights

Do all NBA players lift weights intensely? 

Post#1 » by pr0wler » Thu Jun 19, 2014 10:30 pm

Reason why I bring up this question is because I see a lot of guys in the NBA who people constantly say "Oh he could use some more strength, he could add some more muscle". And I agree. There are a fair number of players who I don't think have maxed out what their body is capable of. I understand genetics are super important, but when you're playing for millions of dollars a year how come players wouldn't go all out to get the best build they can achieve? Or have they maxed out what they can get, reasonably speaking, and just don't have the genes to pull it off?

Relevant examples include Kevin Durant, Chandler Parsons, Steve Nash, Chris Bosh, and many others. Why aren't they stronger? There are lots of guys like Joakim Noah, JJ Redick, and Jeremy Lin who entered the league relatively thin but have filled out and added a lot of muscle. Why can't everyone do that with all the resources and tools available to them?