Do humans deserve dog s loyalty

Everyone knows that dogs are the best creatures that ever graced this planet. There are so many different breeds, personalities, and sizes but one thing remains the same through them all...they're so freaking cute. Here are just some of the bazillion reasons that humans are beyond lucky that we have dogs in our lives.

1. They make us laugh.

How many adorably doofy dog videos are there on the Internet? Probably a million. And they're all amazing.

2. They're adorably curious.

What can be more sweet than the curious mind of a dog discovering the world? I'll answer that. Nothing.

3. They listen to our problems even though they don't understand a word we're saying.

The best kind of therapist.

4. They're so excited to see you, every time they see you.

Whether you're gone for five minutes or five hours, they miss you terribly and give you the greatest hello when you come back.

5. They find happiness in the smallest things.

Dogs put into perspective how awesome the world is and how much we take for granted.

6. They're awesome snuggly buddies.

They're warm, they're cuddly, what can be better than that?

7. They wear embarrassing outfits.

They let us dress them up like pirates, and superheroes, and they never complain...(usually).

8. You can always count on your dog to be there for you.

Even when it seems like no one cares, always remember that your dog is your loyal companion and they care about you unconditionally.

9. Puppy cuteness is unreal.

Humans are definitely not worthy of the angelic adorableness that is a puppy.

10. They always know when you're sad.

I don't know how they do it, but they know when you need love the most and they give you all they have.

11. They give you kisses when no one else wants to.

Even when you're sick, or lonely, or whatever the circumstance dogs will give you kisses no matter what.

12. Dogs have the biggest hearts.

Dogs are the most compassionate animals there are. Their love is unconditional and they make the world a better place to live.

13. They love to see us happy.

Above all else, dogs love to see their humans smile. The amazing thing is that they expect nothing in return for our smiles (except maybe a treat or two), and that's pretty awesome.

Dogs, you are amazing and we don't deserve you.