Do men care if women have kids

My grandmother on my father's side had 13 children. And they were all by the same man, her husband.

My grandmother on my mother's side has 3 children, again by her husband.

I was actually an accident. Those damn pro-lifers guilt tripped my mom. And my father isn't a nice person. My mother has a second child with her husband. (She got remarried when I was 9). But I was her only mistake. My sister was well planned (she's 14 years my junior).

I don't have any children. And I don't want any for the next 10 years alteast.

I'd guess the most common reasons: Accidental children, death of husband/boyfriend, indifferent/abusive spouse/boyfriend.

And I'm not saying having kids by different fathers is a good thing, but it's better than having multiple children with someone you know is not interested in being a father or taking care of their children. Because even though my biological father is a douche, 2 other men (both black) became my dads. And two awesome dads makes up for one deadbeat, so I know I'm luckier than most people in this situation. I'm glad my mom knew when to walk away, and that two other men didn't see me as an "accident" but as a beautiful daughter, worthy of large investments of time and money.