Do military police ever see combat

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    Purpose for Military Police in a combat zone.

    My question has to do with what role a M.P. for the Marine Corps plays in a combat/conflict zone. My recruiter has answered this question for me of course. I know that they do escorts for supply vehicle and etc. But I am interested in some insider information. Is there a chance to see combat. What particular jobs do working dog handlers have in a combat zone, since this is primarily my field of interest. I have been told that the Marine Corps in implementing a new I.E.D. dog that can actually track down the individual that planted the explosive. Is this true and how much field experience can you expect from this? Any advice, information, will be much appreciated.

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    Well it depends, "field MPs", are at the COPs, handling and transporting detainees, living in 2 man tents and all that trash.

    "PMO" are inside the wire, rolling around Al Asad 8 deep in a black Suburban looking for soldiers to mess with, but they will usually settle for boot PFCs without a glow belt. (Yes, you have to wear a glow belt at night on Al Asad...yes, Al Asad is in Iraq. Yes, I know...)

    This may be a little deep for you as a poolee, but I'm not an MP so I only tell you what I see.

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    PM Cwalling...I've read a few threads from him talking about dog handler school, he could probably tell you all you need to know about that aspect of Military Police.

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    hey I got your PM so I'll reply on this thread to enlighten anyone else with these questions.

    first off,yes there is a chance to see combat.Almost any MOS in the Marine Corps has that chance,everything from supply to infantry is needed in afghanistian or iraq.
    Mp's do alot of MSR (main supply route) security protecting convoys and doing I.E.D sweeps. perimeter security and ECP's are also a big part of combat for MP's. In garrison your a cop,plain and simple.everyone hates you and you work strange hours.

    As for dog handlers,you will see alot of may not be the one pulling the trigger in most cases as your primary misson is to detect IED's or narcotics (mostly garrison side) but you will always be at the front of convoys or foot patrols protecting the grunts and other Marines behind you.That is your job,to save lives.

    Combat tracker dogs are the dogs your thinking of,they are just finishing up starting the combat tracker school here at lackland AFB,to get into that though you need be a handler for a year or two before trying out for that as the dogs are EXTREMELY aggressive and usually will only allow there handlers or vet techs into there kennels.there job is to track down the IED trigger man or ambushers and..."catch them" to put it lightly.

    we get it achped,you hate Mp's.every thread you post the same things.

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    Thanks a lot. These questions have been on my mind since I DEP'd in and I really have not got a straight answer from anyone, since most of the Marines I talk to are not M.P.'s. Also, everyone I talk to about the MOS I choose tells me everyone is going to hate me. Even my recruiter has mentioned this to me a few times. Ha.

    One more thing Cwalling, is there any advice you can give me to keep me out of the garrison work. Or is that pretty much work every M.P. as to do sometime or another. Also, and I know these are alot of questions, but does my father being a former dog handler have any warrant in me being able to do it. Probably not, but just curious.

    Thanks again.
    -Poolee McKeehan

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    In Afghanistan, Marine MP's didn't do jack **** and never left the wire.

    Dog handlers are the only exception.

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