Do nail technician makes good money

A nail technician is a professional employed in a nail salon, spa, or other facility that performs manicures and pedicures, as well as applies artificial nails. These professionals can work part-time or full-time, according to their financial needs and daily responsibilities, but generally work odd hours, including nights and weekends. A nail technician must be skilled in polishing, filing, and improving the health of the nails. Technicians also apply artificial nails, are skilled in nail art, have mastered massage, and use their creativity in order to please and impress their clients. These tasks must be performed in a sanitary way, as insufficient sanitation could spread disease and cause a technician to be fined, or even lose their job. In addition to performing the practical aspect of the job, nail technicians must be able to work long hours, build a faithful clientele, and manage their finances. These technicians must enjoy working with a variety of people and must be able to build lasting relationships, in order to gain repeat clients. While nail technician jobs require both hard work and drive, they are generally enjoyable and exciting jobs that many professionals enjoy. Qualifications Required to Obtain Nail Technician Jobs: Nail technician jobs are available to those that have been trained and have obtained the correct license. Training can be completed at a technician school, beauty school, or on the job. Training requirements vary by state, but take anywhere from 400 to 600 hours to complete. After a sufficient training program has been completed, a student must then complete a state board exam held by their state's cosmetology board. Once a student completes his or her training and passes the state board exam, they will then receive their license and may seek employment. Nail Technician Jobs: Outlook The average nail technician makes anywhere from $17,000 to $21,000 a year. A nail technician's earning potential depends on several different factors. These factors include the technician's experience, skill level, location, hours, and place of employment. Full-time nail technicians that work in high-end spas will generally earn more than part-time workers at less expensive salons. Fortunately, trained and motivated technicians have the opportunity to earn a living in a respectable and fun career.