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From a group on Facebook, thought I'd try and help out as it sounds like a good read.

I need help finding a novel I once read when I was a kid. It was about this detective that was a cyborg. The novel had a heavy ghost in the shell vibe. I don't remember much but there was a case with headless kids in garbage containers and about a pilot who's visor turned out to be hacked and plane crashed. The main character was a biohacker turned detective and now captures other bio hackers. I remember he had a chip that allowed him to browse web with his thoughts and display built in his retinas and all sorts of auxillary cybernetic and chemical systems that would kick in action if some of his vital organs were damaged. I tried searching for the book on google many times but without any luck.

EDIT: I think the last case was something about hacked military micro drones. They were like for riot control but somene reprogammed them to shoot at everyone. And I remember the chip or a card that was vital to shut them down, something along this lines.