Does color blindness affect chemical engineering jobs

Quote from NUS.

Can colour blind students apply for any of the Engineering courses?
Generally, we do not discourage colour blind students from applying for any of our Engineering courses, and also currently there are no rules forbidding the admission of colour blind students. In general, colour blindness would not hinder a student's progress in our engineering courses. However, students with colour blindness could face some difficulties in some programmes as outlined below:

Electrical Engineering (EE) and Computer Engineering (CPE) students with colour blindness may experience some minor difficulties, such as an inability to read colour code on resistors to major handicaps such as an inability to distinguish different circuit tracks for drawings of multi-layer circuit layouts. However, EE/CPE encompasses a diversity of disciplines and students with this handicap should not be too disadvantaged as they should be able to select one where they are still able to contribute effectively.

Material Science & Engineering (MSE) students with colour blindness may be disadvantaged as they could be required to identify microstructures using different color etching. However, this would not stop such MSE students from having a successful career in all areas of MSE.

Chemical Engineering (ChE) students with colour blindness may be disadvantaged in the future because some field jobs require the ability to differentiate between color-coded pipelines, sign-posts and equipment. Some duties such as process design may require the use of colors and may present severe obstacles to an employee with color-blindness.

Civil Engineering (CE) students with colour blindness may be restricted by the nature of jobs available to them as a number of CE jobs will require engineers to read computer-generated drawings which may come with different coloured lines.