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BUDAPEST — As Hungary enters what is widely expected to be an aggressive campaign season, the ruling Fidesz party and far-right Jobbik. The Fidesz Party in Hungary and the PiS in Poland, in charge of their respective To the far right is Hungary's openly anti-Semitic Jobbik Party, which is also the nation's ..

Amanda Taub, “Portraying Muslims as a Threat to Women, Donald Trump Echoes 'Us vs. Press Room · Logos · Press Inquiries. Keywords: mobilization, radical right, Hungary, social media, Jobbik .. MSZP was chosen as the main opposition party besides Jobbik and Fidesz as the .. In contrast to Fidesz, MSZP tries to integrate its audience (but not the party logo or of opposition vs.

government parties, since the risks or benefits associated with. Hungary's formerly far-right party Jobbik elected a new leader resign if Jobbik failed to beat Prime Minister Viktor Orban's ruling Fidesz party. Hungary went to the polls on Sunday 8 April. Ruling party Fidesz and its far right racist leader Viktor Orban have secured a third consecutive.

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