How are successful secret societies created

Lastly, you must contend with your community's perception of your SS. Though mystery and intrigue are the most neutral options (and thus safest to pursue at the beginning), you may find that your actions anger or bring joy to your campus. Either way, you should be the one deciding that.

If at any point you find that the community is perceiving your organization in a way that you hadn't planned, you're probably doing something wrong. People respect and are intrigued by secret societies because they are seemingly in control at all times. This both excites and frighten people.

And it should do the same for you. But, it should also be true. You are the society founders and you control your destiny. Keep it that way. If you are in control, respect and intrigue will follow.

There is no one surefire way to bring these feelings about. Here are a few examples of basic strategies for newer SSs:

-Communicating your message in a different language (especially Latin, Greek, or Hebrew) can be very cool. However, it may also come off as corny to many. Use carefully.

-Post pictures that are blurred or seem illicit in nature. Use slashes and hidden or nonexistent dates (like February 30th, 2013 as the date for your first meeting) to show that there is much more than meets the eye.

-Access places that are locked and leave a mark. Definitely make use of places that seem like they are off limits or locked down, but are actually easy to enter. This will keep you on the legal side of things as well as garner attention.