How can I meet Jennifer Winget

Harshad’s Favourite Actress Is Jennifer Winget!

While Harshad revealed that his favourite actors are Salman Khan and Jennifer Winget herself, Jennifer revealed her favourites are Amitabh Bachchan and Alia Bhatt.

Favourite Food & Subject

In food, Harshad likes anything veg, while Jennifer says that she loves Pani Puri, Gulab Jamun and Samosa.

When asked about their favourite subjects, both had opposite views! While Harshad loved Math and hated History, it was vice versa for Jennifer.

Favourite Holiday Destination

While Jennifer's favourite holiday destination is Scotland, Harshad's favourite place is Europe!

When asked what they love to do in free time, Jennifer replied that she loves to sleep, while Harshad said, ‘Nothing'!

First Thing A Person Notices About Jen & Harshad

When Jennifer was asked what is the first thing a person notices about Harshad, she said it's his eyebrows. Harshad got confused and replied its Jen's eyes and hair that a person notices about her first!

The Duo’s Strengths & Their Relationship Status

While Jennifer says that Harshad's biggest strength is his honesty, the actor reveals Jennifer's strength is that she knows what she doesn't want to do. The duo also revealed that they are single!

What Harshad & Jennifer Hates About Each Other?

When asked what is that Harshad hates about Jennifer, she revealed that he doesn't hate anything about her, while Harshad (jokes) feels that Jen hates many things about her!

Jennifer Imitates Harshad

When Jennifer was asked to imitate Harshad - the words he uses on day to day basis - the actress cutely imitated saying, "Mereko nahi malum, mereko kya karna hai batao."

JenShad Are Blessed To Have Amazing Fans

At the end of the rapid fire round, Jen and Harshad thanked fans for their constant love and support and said that they are lucky and blessed to have such amazing fans.