How can you gain maturity without experience

You have taken the first step to being mature, by asking. I for one think that maturity is something that can be obtained two ways: 1- you naturally grow into it, and it is just your personality to be mature.

2- you work at it, and practice holding your temper, and expressing yourself in a way that isn't abusive or demeaning to others. When you ask a question, wait for the answer, before you start in on what the person has already said, but not waiting for the whole answer.

Try to listen to people more, with out interrupting them or saying things negative about their beliefs.

If you know an answer to something, wait until you are asked, don't just blurt things out.

Responsibility will come to you as you do mature. Don't try to take on too much, and fail. It is much smarter, and more MATURE to admit to your shortcomings, then to try to BS your way through something you don't understand.

So be patient with yourself, and others too. The more understanding, patient, and your willingness to be 2nd will speak for itself. Once you are recognized as a mature person, others will be more inclined to trust you with responsibility!

So keep up the attitude, and good luck to you!!