How did people live before Google Search

I think we ask more questions now than before as well. Tv trivia is a good example. Who knew there was all that info on the old show Bonanza unless you knew the crazed fan who had collected it all.

Some people now just search and research stuff for the heck of it and before, you did not have that at your fingertips so didn't bother.

Our generation has less to do physically so we tend to do more mentally. Think. The farm kids a generation ago had no tv or if they did , had all of 3 channels and tons of outside chores to do and also played outdoors more.

Even city kids roamed all over more than they are allowed now.

A generation ago, you didn't look anywhere else to see what kind of hair do would look good on your head, you trusted your hair dresser. You never thought to look up your symptoms before going to the doctor, you just went and trusted him.

Libraries back then had most of that information that is now on the net(plus much more of course) but you still had to know where to looik, like you have to know what to ask on google to get the results you need.