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Are you facing the problem of laziness? Are you the one who site all the day long idle and demotivated?

In this situation, You need to follow some rule to convert your laziness into Activeness.

Being lazy is not a good attitude at all, It will take you nowhere. There are lot’s of negative impacts of laziness. In your life.

Here I am telling you some easy steps, How to stop being lazy

1) 2 Mins Formula:

2 Mins formula is too effective. When you have to do some work but feeling lazy. Try this 2 min formula.

What does it mean? Start doing the work for 2 minutes, If you don’t feel like it doing. Then, you have the option to stop the work.

But, what’s the deal? The best part is laziness is the fight between your thoughts ” Should I do it or not”

These conflicts keep running in your mind which results in no action.
When you adopt this strategy, You would see a miraculous change.

You won’t like to stop the work after working for 2 mins. Because now you are in another room which put your mind in the working zone.

2) Divide Your Work:

It’s too difficult to finish all the work  in a row. So, It’s better to implement some relevant plans & follow the discipline.

You can divide your work into different sections. Let’s see an example and co-relate it with your work.

You are writing a book. Divide into various parts.

  • Find Topics
  • Write Text
  • Collect Images
  • Proof reading

3)) Set Deadlines:

Deadlines are important and play an important role in work progress. Would you able to do the work effectively if there is no deadline?

No! Rather it will make your mind lazy. You ‘ll start receiving the messages 

  • Dude! You have a lot of time just chill
  • I ‘ll do it later

When there is no deadline such excuses start knocking your door. All I want to say is set deadline & Be productive.

4) Make Relevant Goals:

Most of the people commit mistakes of making too high goals which they want to achieve in a short time without putting much effort.

It’s not a sensible approach to make a list of high goal and then look for the motivation to do it.

I would like to ask from you “Is it possible to complete a novel in 1,2 OR 3 days” ?

No! It’s not possible because novel required lots of research, planning & hard work.

Make relevant goals and work for it. Rome is not built in a day.

5) Visualize Future:

When you are finding yourself in the prison of laziness. Start to visualize the future.

Start thinking the positive side. What ‘d happen after finish the task?. You ‘d feel better and it helps you to unlock the laziness prison easily.

How to Stop Being Lazy:

When did you feel lazy ? What are the steps which help you to overcome laziness? Share with us by comment below.

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