How do I sneak food


Hide your food in your shirt to make you look pregnant. If you are a woman and at a reasonable age for this (roughly 20-40), this is a good option. People tend to be more considerate around pregnant woman, and the movie theatre employees would never ask you to lift up your shirt to see if there's something under. To do this with popcorn, put it in a plastic bag and put it under your shirt by your stomach. If you have other food, put it in a plastic bowl and put the bowl on your stomach, then tie a sweater around your waist to keep the bowl from slipping. You can also secure the bowl with thin rope or elastic. Walk around for a bit and look in front of a mirror to make sure it looks realistic and isn't slipping. Preferably wear layers, as this will hide any bumps in your fake pregnant belly and keep it from slipping. People also sell fake pregnant bellies that you can use for the same purpose. Also, make sure you have an answer if someone asks when you're due. The bigger your snacks, the sooner it should be. However, don't push your luck. You shouldn't look more than six months pregnant or people might suspect something or worry about you.