How do you live life passionately?no_redirect=1

Feeling passion or drive is a great source of fulfilment for a human. Not feeling them can be a heavy weight and a source of stress. To start a nice "fire" of drive and passion, you may find out you have a spark, but no combustible, or some combustible but no spark. Or you have both but something or somebody is pouring a wet blanket over it everytime you start getting somewhere! Or the combustible is so powerful that it blows in your face at every attempt. All that is very discouraging and can make you feel you have no passion, no spark, and that something must be wrong with you, when it could be the opposite: there is something very right with you, and it is a passion so strong that it is patiently waiting for a connexion. I found that often, wanting to make the world a better or safer place is the big chunk of combustible waiting to be lit up. But it is such a big, universal and overwhelming chunk! There is so much to do! Where do you start? To find out if that is what is going to make you passionate and driven, you can start small: say, you find 3 or 4 places needing help: a homeless shelter, a community art club, a nature preservation, a sign language class whatever is around you, easily accessible. If you find yourself going home feeling stronger, more alert, more relaxed, from one or several of them, that is a good sign. If you find yourself searching online about some of the issues, that's also a good sign. And it may not be what you expect: you may, one night, help out in the kitchen of a shelter and realise you love cooking. You may speak with a fellow volunteer who speaks, say, swahili, and love the sound of it so much you start learning the language, get really good at it, end up find a job that makes you travel. What I would suggest is you keep in mind that you have the passion and drive, inside you, it hasn't taken shape on the outside yet. You wouldn't be asking the question otherwise. If it hasn't manifested yet, be patient, offer it multiple occasions to ignite. My real drive ignited at age 49. 2 years later, I'm applying to do a PhD about it, that's how driven I got. I had no idea I'd be all that fired up and detetmined. But what I had, the whole time, exhausting me, for years, was an acute reaction to injustice. It shaped up over the 2 years of volunteering in that field. And it validated every single year looking for a proper ignition point. I hope you find yours soon.