How do you play Four Square

you start in peasant and you try to hit it in other people's squares to get them out.

once someone in front of you gets out, you move into jack then queen and finally king. king serves the ball into play.

Ways you can get out


hitting it inside of your own square.

hitting it outside of the entire square.

holding the ball for a slight second.

hitting the ball with anything other than your hands.

serving the ball overhanded when in king.

hitting one of the lines made by the squares.

Ways to get others out


Make them do all of the above

hit the ball extremely hard with one or both hands while making a fist.

Different serves


Cheap Serve, when you hit the ball hard and low in someone else's square.

Lob, when you hit it soft and high.

Ordinary, when you hit it soft and directly to a square

Cats Eye, when you look as though you are hitting the ball to one person but actually hit it to someone else.

hopefully that's enough to help you make it all the way to king.