How is Neko Atsume different from Tamagotchi

I really enjoy playing this game and I play it multiple times everyday. Even though I’ve just recently downloaded this game, I’ve already fallen in love. I love how this game is simple yet exciting and fun. The artwork is so cute and I look forward to finding out which cats are visiting my yard. But, I still have some suggestions that I hope you might use to make this game even better. First of all, I think there should be more expansions. The first one is nice, but just not enough. Think of all the time and fish you spend on new goodies, especially the large ones and ones that cost gold fish. But you can only put two of those out at the same time. What if you made different rooms in the house, like a bathroom, upstairs, downstairs, etc., and made the yard larger. I think this would be a useful feature, and would give you more things to do and save up for. And, what if when you bought new expansions, new cats visited and new toys were available to buy. I think that would really add more to the game and give people more to do and keep them from getting bored of it too quickly. Also, what if the more a cat visited, the more fish it gave. I think this would make sense because it’s like the cat is saying thank you. Otherwise, this game is perfect and I look forward to seeing more cats and buying more goodies. Thank you sooo much for creating this game.