How many people drive motorcycles in Argentina

Things to consider

1 There is a lot of info on this and knowledgeable people on the HUBB travel forum, dedicated to motorcycles. Google it.

2 Renting a reasonabel bike to get around, say a Honda Falcon 400 or a 650 will run you about 100 to 120 dollars a day so in 60 days you spent $6,000 to $7,000. You can easily buy and resell for a lot less. But it wont happen overnight....

3 Argentina, last I heard, doesnt allow foreign owners of Argentinean registered motorcycles to leave the country with the bike. Makes no sense to me, but nor does much that Argentina does.

4 Good motorcycles are more expensive in SA, but resale is also higher.

5 Lots of people buy cheap Chinese bikes at 100 to 250 cc and make the trip, doing some remarkable journeys. They have my respect for being so adventurous but I wouldnt do it.

6 If you are in the country on a touruist visa your local motorcycle license is sufficient. While usually not necessary an international license can come in handy also.