How rampant is corruption in Italy

Corruption Of The National And International Level

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Introduction Corruption is the misuse of public resources and office for private gain. However, this definition does not exclude the misuse of resources in corporate and private corporations. Generally, corruption is perceived to be more widespread in certain countries than others. In particular, the evil of corruption is widely practiced in developing countries. The most important consideration is to understand why this is the usual trend in corruption across the globe. In a general perspective, different theories have tried to associate this trend in corruption with specific cultural and historical traditions, political institutions, levels of economic development, as well as government policies. However, there is more to consider in this argument since corruption is also prominent in countries with histories of British rule, protestant traditions, and less economic development. During the past three decades, there has been a remarkable expansion in the people’s ability to measure the level of corruption. As a result, this has led to the development of ell-identified, microeconomic of corruption at the national and international level. This essay focused on reviewing causes of corruption in developing countries in light with these recent advancements. Reviews of less developed countries have revealed that corruption responds to the standard theory of economic incentive. Furthermore, there is robust evidence that the effect of anticorruption strategies in these countries

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