How was your summer break

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    Wake up at the same time everyday. Make sure you get enough hours of sleep; you should sleep in if you stayed up till 2 in the morning playing video games. During the summer, you should aim for at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Even if that time is 1 am, try to stay consistent.

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    See which friends are available over the summer. If none of your close friends are sticking around, either make new ones or call friends of friends that are staying. Ask if they want to go swimming, catch the latest movie, or maybe just hang around your house for your favorite TV show marathon. Check out your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever social networking site that is your favorite but NEVER talk to someone you don't know! Talk to kids from school. Don't talk to random people! Only "friend" people on these sites if you have spoken to them before in person or at least have seen around somewhere. If you make plans, be sure to ask your parents for permission.

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    Keep in touch with everyone! Over the school year, you have an excuse not to talk to distant relatives, or friends who live far away. That is when Facebook is again in the situation. But over the summer, you have plenty of time! Send an email to your grandpa; give a call to your friend who moved away. Plan to do something with them. Maybe even ask your aunt if she will go shopping with you for some new clothes!

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    Plan some downtime with yourself. Summer time can be a time to have fun, but it is also a great way to relax from the pressures of school. Every day, plan about 30 minutes for you to just chill out. You can go outside and ride your bike, read a book, or just sit in your favorite chair and reflect on your thoughts.

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    Start a new hobby, or keep up with your old hobbies. Search around and find one that interests you. Try joining a club or sport. Many teens get out of shape during the summer, and its important not to just sit around on the computer, video game console, or TV all day. Try to limit your TV/Computer/video game time to a reasonable time span (like 2 hours daily). Many summer camps and classes are also available.. just ask around and look!

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    Help out around the house, your parents need some help too! Plan some time to do some chores without being asked, and maybe doing a little extra. Ask your parents if there is anything you can do. It keeps your mind stimulated and provides some exercise. You might be in a dorm room or apartment when you go to college, and keeping clean and tidy is essential. So get in that habit. Just remember that in an average household, these things need to be done daily:
    • Bedrooms should be clean, with beds made, laundry in a basket, trash in a trash bag. Etc.
    • Dishes should be done. (Loading and Unloading a dishwasher)
    • Shower stalls or bathtubs should be sprayed with some soapy water and rinsed off after use.
    • Scrub down bathroom
    • Vacuum, dust, sweep house
    • Garbage disposal should be cleaned (you can do this by running a fresh lemon with baking soda under the tap)
    • Do laundry
    • Clean the computer that you are staring at. It might be dirty.
    • Mow the lawn/Pull weeds/rake leaves, etc.
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    Consider getting a job, if you're not going anywhere. Try walking dogs, mowing lawns, washing cars, or baby-sitting. Save up all your money until the week before school starts, then you can buy yourself new clothes, new cell phone, iPod, etc. (Parents LOVE it when you spend your hard-earned cash on something worthwhile).