How will I destroy the humanity

Why has humanity become so complacent, and so fearful of change?

We have always been afraid of anything that is unknown, unfamiliar, and deviates from the 'norm' we have grown accustomed to living with.

We have turned over our destinies and our very futures to a few who exploit, unashamedly for their own selfish gains, at the expense of the rest of us who are obviously considered expendable hindrances to their need for greed.

We have clean sustainable, renewable, and safe energy sources that are basically free gifts from the Creator.

And yet we, as a collective whole, ignore these gifts for the sake of personal gain, short term goals, and the short sightedness of the few? The reasons for this totally escape me.

The things we bring forth from the past are self destructive and yet they seem to be our legacy:

wars, crimes, greed, ignorance, fear.

What a legacy. These things are a menace to us all, and used to full advantage by a few who gain monetarily from them.

These things are from the past, and frankly that is exactly where they should stay.

They are restrictive, destructive and self defeating to our survival.

I personally do not believe that this was the intent of our Creator when this blueprint of life on the planets throughout our vast universe was conceived.

And yet, self destruction seems to be the only goal and true destiny of mankind itself, by mankind itself.

This stupidity surely was not by conscious design.