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Hey! This is the Infinite Loops thread, final edition. (Hopefully.) Technically the seventh of such threads, but I removed the 'Part #' bit because we won't be making any more sequel threads after thus one. (For now.) Anyways, that's enough digressing from me.

Here are the basics of the Infinite Time Loops Fanfiction Project, or The Infinite Loops, as it is more often called. Every piece of published original fiction exists as it's own universe in the Multiverse contained within Yggdrasil, which has broken. Until it is fixed, everything is held in stasis via Time Loops to keep it from getting worse. Projected completion date for the repairs is Infinity. The Intinite Loops is the story of various characters from the universe caught up in the Time Loop, as they deal with the problems caused by having Infinite Time on their hands. Shenanigans ensue.

Immediately below are the rest of the basics, as summarized by Saphroneth.

Loop mechanics (general):
  • One person in a Loop, often the main character, is an Anchor. They are the person who first starts time looping.
  • There is always at least one Anchor present in a given Time Loop snippet, though it may not be the local one.
  • The standard pattern for a loop is that the Anchor (and whoever else is Looping there) come to awareness in a loop at a particular point in the story. From there, events will play out as influenced by the Loopers present, acting with the benefit of their foreknowledge, until either a predetermined end point is reached or all the Loopers have copped it.
  • To be Awake is to be aware of the time loops (that is, to have gone back in time this time.)
  • The Anchor is the only character guaranteed to be Awake. Even after others have started looping, it is mostly random as to whether they will be Awake this particular loop.
  • Crossovers, fusions, and alternate pasts can also take place. It is perfectly possible, for example, to have the characters Awaken into a loop which conforms to a fanfic universe rather than reality.
  • Loops do not have to be in chronological order, but it is strongly preferred that they not require a mutually contradictory order (where A must be before B and B must be before A.)
  • Just about every Looper is very, very stir crazy.

And now for the specifics about this particular thread, aka the Miscellaneous Section.

The Miscellaneous Section

Status: Very active. Not as much snip content, but stay tuned here for news about the big stuff. Anything really important is bound to make its way here eventually.

Description: The Miscellaneous Section of the Infinite Time Loops is just that. A place for everything related to the collaborative set of stories known as The Infinite Time Loops that doesn't have a dedicated thread on Space Battles. Debates about how the Infinite Time Loops function, Loops snippets that don't fit in any of the other threads, and all of the Miscellaneous discussions that would clutter up the other Loop threads should be posted here.


Compilation Links: FanFiction.Net. [WARNING: Way behind everything else, and updates are to be delayed for quite a while.]

Previous Threads: [Look at the gosh-darn theme song I wrote up, because I'm not putting the links in the same post twice.]​

Major links to get more information:

The Infinite Loops Wiki: We have a Wiki. Still rather new and incomplete, but getting steadily improved as time goes on. Please help make it more complete. Character pages, significant events, general history, it all should go here. However, it should be WRITTEN BEFORE IT IS WIKI'D! While you may have everything you want to happen to you favorite anime planed out twelve compilations in advance, you are not the only person writing for the loops.

The Infinite Loops TvTropes page: Go here for the basic overview of what the infinite loops are like, as well as for the backup links to the threads and compilations are currently part of the Infinite Loops. It is rather outdated, and in need of someone to deal with updating it.

The Spreadsheet: This is a place for viewing all current Loops, Anchors, and Loopers of the Infinite Loops. If they have a designated thread, it is linked here as well. Just talk about them here if there is no link, and you will get directed to wherever you should discuss it if there is a designated place for that series.

The Form: Use this for submitting new Loops, Anchors, and Loopers. The multiverse is always expanding, but their are rules for everyone's convenience. Don't submit things that haven't been written for, don't submit things that you won't write for, and alert this thread of any changes you have made. Seriously, we have had lots of trouble with trolls and spammers messing with this.

Premises Explanation: Basic overview of what to expect, and how it came to be. Not quite up to date or all encompassing, but enough to get you started.

Threadsheet: Storage of all the links to the Loop Threads, as well as what series they cover.

Loop Index: link to the loop threads here on SB and beyond.

Threadform: You make a thread on SB to contain the Infinite Loops for a series or three, you submit this to get it approved. Resubmit to here in case of updates to the situation.

Thread Index: Index of the threads for the Infinite Loops. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK TO SEE IF A LOOP THREAD YOU STARTED IS ON HERE. If not, or if one or more of the thread's index parts needs updating, say something about it. [Replaced by Threadsheet]

Loop Dictionary: All the big terms and whatnot we have made up for the Loops, and there definitions.

Q&A (Basic - Needs expanding): The incomplete beginnings of a Q&A that never seems to get worked on, except for, like, two minutes every time a new thread gets made.

Time Loops, Fan Fiction, and You: Otherwise known as THE SHITSTORM THREAD. Please keep the gratuitous cussing to a minimum.​

Snip Link Index

I got sick of trying to deal with the snip linking by myself. People helped at times, and I'm grateful for that, but it just took to d*mm long regardless. That's why I made a way to automate a large chunk of the process. I call it the Index-izer. Originally, I was going to go though and gather all the data myself, and just run that data through my Index-izer once I was done. Then I realized how stupid that was, since it make even more work for me, instead of simplifying things. Short story shorter, I made a google form so everyone can submit their own snips for me to link to in the index. And then I made a new thread to house the Index.

Theme Song

(Originally written by Conceptualist, Rewritten by KagedScorpion)

These are the Loops that never end!
Yes they go on and on my friends!

First Thread!

Innortal started writing them,
not knowing what he'd done
Fanfiction kept the ball rolling
now everyone's begun
Writing the Loops that never end!
Yes they go on and on my friends!

Second Thread!

Saphroneth added ponies in,
the herd followed behind,
Bronies rebooted Yggdrasil
and now everyone finds
They love the Loops that never end!
Yes they go on and on my friends!

Third Thread!

We all jumped on the band wagon,
for fun times were ahead.
We've kept Yggdrasil running smooth
By making many threads
About the Loops that never end!
Yes they go on and on my friends!

Fourth Thread!

The Loops are so fascinating,
At least, they are for me!
We'll carry the torch forever
And through it's light we'll see
More of the Loops that never end!
Yes they go on and on my friends!

Fifth Thread!

We will gather up all the snippets,
compile them in one
and put them up for all to read
right there on FanFiction,
You'll see the Loops that never end!
Yes they go on and on my friends!

Sixth Thread!

Work together and get along,
tell your tale, draft a plot,
and fit it together in harmony
with what we've got!
We'll build the Loops that never end!
Yes they go on and on my friends!

Current Thread!


Now that you know the story of
the Loops that never end,
Feel free to come participate,
Just be polite my friend!

We can all dream up great wonders,
through every day and night!
'Cause anything is possible
As long~

As you~
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