Is bartending a depressing job

flickr photoshared byLinas Vunder aCreative Commons ( BY-SA ) license

Close your eyes and envision a bartender. What visuals come to mind?Youth? Beauty? Vitality? Quick Money?

Correct me if I am wrong, but I am almost certain your imagination didn’t lead you to a visualization of a 40-year-old woman married with three kids who crafts cocktails on the weekends in-between dropping her kids off at soccer practice and reading them bedtime stories.

While most people don’t go into hospitality on the serving side expecting to make a career out of it (in this country anyways),there are those that do.

As with any job, (and yes,bartending is a real job) there are those that fall in love with bartending the same way some people fall committedly in love with a person. That love can be carried out over a lifetime and translated intopassion, desire and dedication— all of which can lead a person into a lucrative, exciting and entertaining career full of perks like longevity, flexibility and stability.