Is Brussels an overpriced city

Brussels gets ignored by most of those who tour Europe, and it deserves its reputation for being a city of international bureaucrats, but it also has a charm that is undeniable. Compared to most European cities it’s a bit on the expensive end of things, with relatively few options for those on tight budgets.

Hotels in Brussels are often full of business travelers so they tend to be expensive unless you come on a weekend or during the summer break. If you can adjust your dates it’s worth looking into, since you can sometimes get great bargains at the better places if you time it right. There aren’t many hostels in Brussels, and those that are here aren’t particularly cheap.

The main attractions, except for the Grand Place and the nearby Mannekin Pis statue, are relatively expensive as well. This is a tough city for a backpacker, which is one reason why most of them stay only a day or two if they stop here at all. Food and drinks are also quite pricey by local standards, especially if you’d like to sit down in a proper restaurant near the city center.

Brussels prices


1 EUR = 1.1 USD

Brussels hotel prices

RatingPrice (USD)

32.97 - 61.54

56.04 - 73.63

46.15 - 109.89

78.02 - 132.97

142.86 - 202.20

Brussels hostel prices

TypePrice (USD)

Hostel bed

19.78 - 31.87