Is CRT better than LCD


because it just does not happen anymore.


Image retention still happens and burn in, thats an overly opinionated statement. You've made it obvious you own a "Pioneer Kuro Elite" so thats your experience. (its only the BEST of the BEST) Technically burn in can happen on numerous types of screens including LCDs and CRTs. So saying it doesn't happen is incorrect. On topic CRT>LCD pretty much... LCD just doesn't have the performance. Its tech wasn't built for video media to be honest.

No its not incorrect, obviously there are exceptions to the rule, but at this point you would almost have to go out of your way to have burn in occur.

Here is a quote that would apply here:

"You might have heard somewhere along the line that playing video games on a plasma can lead to burn-in. The idea is that if some sort of fixed icon is always on the screen during a game, that image will end up ghosted onto your screen forever. Again, this just isn't a real risk these days, particularly if you follow the first 100-hours rule and mix a little TV watching in with your gaming." cnet 2008

In general the whole "plasmas have burn in" is not true, and that's not opinion based.

The only other time burn in can happen aside from the TV being misused, is if you buy a low end brand.

"When we review plasmas here at CNET, most of them--including many budget models--don't experience any problems with burn-in. However, we recently ran into an inexpensive Insignia model that was clearly more prone to this phenomenon." cnet 2008