Is DuckDuckGo a highly secure search engine

Privacy has become an important concern for the majority of internet users today. If you are concerned about your privacy online, choosing a secure and private search engine should be one of your most important priorities because whatever you search could be logged by search engines and sold to third parties. Popular search engines track you and this can seriously jeopardize your privacy! When you surf the web and click on a link, your search terms are sent to that site you clicked on. When you visit any website, your computer automatically sends information about it to that site, including your IP address and your user agent. This information can be used to identify you directly. This available information about you raises privacy concerns. Some browsers store your search data, capture your IP address and also save your browsing history including what types of searches you have made : Videos, web, images, etc., the date and time of the search, and often a unique identifier stored in a browser cookie and also your name and email address (if you are logged in). According to statistics, over 80% of websites use one or more tracking tools. It’s notable to mention that visiting the top 50 websites will install over 3000 tracking files on your computer!  [Reference]

In this post I will introduce search engines that unlike the usual ones, respect your privacy and don’t store your information or search history. The search engines listed here do not save your search history, and the information given in this blog post is based on each search engine’s privacy policy.


The web browser that doesn’t track you! DuckDuckGo stands on top of this list. It prevents logging your search history by redirecting your requests in a way that it does not send your search terms to other sites. This way, sites will not know what search you have entered before, they can only know that you visited their website.

Duckduckgo also uses encrypted search (HTTPS) which doesn’t send your search terms to sites. It might be a bit slower than non-encrypted sites (HTTP) but it protects your search from being leaked on the computers it travels between you and the search engine. Duckduckgo emphasizes getting info from the best sources rather than the most sources, generating its search results from key crowdsourced sites like Wikipedia and from partnerships with other search engines like Yandex, Yahoo!, Bing , and Yummly.

By preventing to log (storing) your search history and information, Duckduckgo protects your privacy. The default setting of this browser is defined in a way that it doesn’t automatically use cookies unless you change its setting.


Founded by David Bodnick, Ixquick is a search engine from the same company that runs The Startpage. Ixquick gets results from various different sources instead of only google. This search engine includes proxy links in the search results.Ixquick believes privacy is your basic right and your search data should never fall into the wrong hands.

This browser does not record user IP addresses and does not share user data with any third parties. browser offers an optional feature called “AskEraser” which enables you to set a single cookie in your browser. When you enable this feature, all other cookies on will be deleted. After enabling this feature, will not store your search history except in a few cases. This browser specifically notifies you when our search history will be sorted in case of critical errors or if Law Enforcement asks them to log your search activity.


Always beware of what kind of search engines and web browsers you choose online and what you search and what kind of information you share on the Internet. Taking such basic privacy steps and doing some basic research about online privacy will protect you online against hackers, governments and anyone who could potentially do you any harm on the online world. Also consider using Betternet free VPN if you like your data to be encrypted online and also to change your IP when you surf the web. You can Download Betternet for Windows, Android, iOS and Firefox and Chrome extensions here.

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